National and State-by-State Workers' Comp News Roundup Powered by Larson's (3/25/2013)

National and State-by-State Workers' Comp News Roundup Powered by Larson's (3/25/2013)

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Fifth Circuit Allows Case to Proceed Against Honeywell re Railroad Worker’s Death.

President Obama Announces Thomas Perez as Secretary of Labor.

HR 982 Furthering Asbestos Claim Transparency (FACT) Sent to Judiciary Committee.

AIA Supports Bipartisan Legislation for Transparency of Asbestos Trust Funds.

CMS Schedules April 9 Townhall Conference re MMSEA NGHP.

Risk Managers Speak Out on WC Trends, State of Market, Rising Costs, Strategies.

Study Shows More Work Amputations Occur Than Reported by US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Patriot National Insurance Appoints Timothy O’Malley as Northeast Regional VP.


CA: DWC Posts Reminder re Submission of 2013 Annual Report of Inventory of Claims CY 2012.

CA: WCIRB Actuarial Committee Report Shows Big Increase in EAMS Lien Filings.

CA: WCIRB Elects New Committee Members.

CA: DWC, WCAB Revised Policy and Procedural Manual.

CT: Governor Signs Sandy Hook Workers Assistance Program and Fund Bill.

CT: General Assembly Reappoints Seven Commissioners.

FL: City Seeks Rehearing of Westphal Case re Constitutionality of Temporary Disability Cap.

FL: SB 662 re Drug Repackaging Approved by Senate Banking & Ins. Committee by 10-1 Vote.

GA: HB 178 re Georgia Pain Management Clinic Act Passed by Senate.

GA: HB 154 re Medical Benefits Cap Passed by Senate.

HI: HB 144/SB 510 re PEO Licensing Approved by House Committee, Deferred by Senate Until 3/20.

HI: HB 152 re Medical Fee Schedule Changes Approved by House Committee.

HI: HB 436 re IMEs and Specialty Requirements Approved by House Committee.

IL: Governor Replaces Mitch Weisz With Michael Latz as IWCC Chairman.

IL: Governor Reappoints Commissioners Basurto, Tyrrell, White.

IL: Rep. Kay Introduces Four More Workers Comp Bills.

IL: HB 1245 Would Allow Appeal of WC Decision re State Employee’s Claim to a Circuit Court.

IL: HB 1246 Would Expand WC Payments Charged to an Employing State Agency.

IL: HB 2229 Would Amend Provisions re Rebuttable Presumptions for First Responders.

IL: HB 2769 Would Amend Computation for Subsequent Injury When Same Body Part Involved.

IL: SB 1873 Self-Insured Workers Comp Pools Changes Approved by Senate Ins. Committee.

IL: SB 2339 re Joint Insurance Pools for Local Governments Approved by Senate Ins. Committee.

IL: High Court Upholds Suspension of Ex-Arbitrator Carril (aka Teague).

IL: PCI Opposes Illinois State Workers  Compensation Fund.

IL: Self-Insurers Advisory Board Posts Agenda for March 26 Meeting.

IN: WCRI Study: Medical Care Costs Rising, Driven by Higher Prices and Hospital Payments.

KS: DWC Issues Data Call to Workers Comp Insurers to Obtain Medical Information.

KY: Editorial Claims SB 89 Legitimizes Misclassification of Workers.

MN: ALJ Miguel Cervantes Appointed to Minn. Workers’ Comp Court of Appeals.

MS: WCC Posts Settlement Review Checklist.

MS: U.S. Fifth Circuit Affirms Mississippi Workers Comp Act Does Not Apply to Inmates.

MO: Governor Appoints Labor Director Rebman as Administrative Law Judge.

NH: LGC Will Not Charge Members of Workers Comp Pool to Help Satisfy $17.1M Court Order.

NY: NYCIRB Posts Analysis of Proposed Workers Comp Reform.

NY: SWCB Proposes Rules to Clarify Independent Medical Examination Procedure (p. 42).

ND: HB 1163 Would Change Rules re Pain, Preexisting Injuries.

ND: SB 2298 Would Require ALJs to Take Second Look at Treating Doctor Opinions.

OH: Judge Rules BWC Overcharged Employers by $860M.

OH: BWC to Appeal Judge’s Decision re BWC Premium Overcharges.

OK: House Leader Says Parts of WC Reform Bill Unconstitutional, Calls Bill a “Trojan Horse”.

OK: Newspaper Questions Political Ties in Workers Comp Award for Firefighter.

OK: Firefighters Protest Changing Workers Comp Court to Administrative System.

OR: MLAC Shares Recommendations on Access to Medical Treatment.

PA: Ins. Dept: No Contributions From Insurers Required for Workers Comp Security Fund in 2013.

SC: High Court Clarifies Rules in Two Brain Injury Cases.

SC: Senate Judiciary Committee Approves WCC’s New Mediation Regulation.

SC: WCC Reviews Recommendation re Surgical Implant Devices.

SC: WCC Posts Status re Rehabilitation of Ullico Casualty Company.

SD: NCCI Reports on Costs of Medical Services, Prescription Drugs, Info on Repackaged Drugs.

SC: High Court to Decide Workers Comp for Woman Killed by Husband During Work Break.

TN: Senate Govt. Operations Committee Approves WC Reforms by 6-1 Vote.

TX: DWC Adopts, Amends, Repeals Rules re TX Workers Comp Accident Prevention Services.

TX: DWC Revises Two Forms re Accident Prevention Services.

WA: L&I Proposes Fee Schedule Changes for Anesthesia, Physical and Occupational Therapy.

WA: Emergency Rule Filed to Address 5,000+ Applications by Medical Providers to Join L&I Network.

WA: L&I Launches Ad Campaign to Help Injured Workers Return to Work.