On the Road Again - Two Recent Releases Regarding Medical Travel in Delaware

On the Road Again - Two Recent Releases Regarding Medical Travel in Delaware

So what you have here is a picture of Sweet Caroline and her posse at the Auburn University stadium following last week's victory over Utah State, after they took the lead in the last seconds of the game, 41-38. Caroline is enjoying her time in the Deep South, so far from home, although she has already had one skirmish with the authorities which ended with the comment-- "Can't you Yankees read?"  Speaking of travel and being far from home, two very recent Board Orders address the subject of travel and mileage.

Question one-- What about the carrier paying for the wife to accompany the claimant from Puerto Rico back to Delaware for a defense medical evolution? Jason Bristor v. Dover Downs, IAB# 1353147 (8/25/11) (ORDER) says they do not have to pay; no conjugals for you, injured worker. If you are a defense attorney, enjoy! If you represent claimants, read it and weep.

Question two-- The never-ending saga of mileage reimbursement claims where claimant has relocated and still wants to treat in the First State. In this case we are talking about ten hours round trip for claimant to leave his sunny home in Donegal, Pennsylvania to seek out Dr. Ganesh Balu in Dover [don't they have narcotics in The Keystone State?] Mickey East v. International Game Technology, IAB #1246344 (8/25/11) (ORDER) disregards nurse case manager testimony that there were 7 providers between 15 and 45 miles of the claimant's home willing to offer him local pain managements under the DE Guidelines. Claimant was awarded 4 annual trips to Dr. Balu with attendant mileage reimbursement. If you are a defense attorney, read it and weep. If you represent claimants, enjoy!

Parting thoughts?

"We wander for distraction, we travel for fulfillment." Hillaire Belloc  And if you are a claimant in The First State, there are always the drugs and the money at the end of I-76.

Irreverently yours,
Sassy Cassy

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