Kids’ Chance of America: How You Can Make a Difference

Kids’ Chance of America: How You Can Make a Difference

Kids' Chance of America and two-dozen state Kids’ Chance organizations improve the lives of children with a parent killed or seriously disabled in an on-the-job injury, by providing scholarships to finish their post-high school education.

At year’s end we pause to appreciate the volunteers, donors and supporters of Kids’ Chance. Across the country thousands of people have given time and money to help finish the education of children with a parent who was victim to a catastrophic work injury.

Why do they help?

Many have seen up close the devastation that on-the-job accidents have on children and families of injured and deceased workers and understand that their greatest accomplishments in life are those that help others.

Many Kids’ Chance supporters earn their living within the workers’ compensation system. Contributing to Kids’ Chance allows them to give back to the system that provides for their own families.

And some are those who know that the road to happiness has little to do with acquiring things and everything to do with helping others.

Whatever their motivation all of our volunteers and contributors know that by helping the children of Kids’ Chance to fulfill their dreams of further education, they make this a better world. With their help, millions of dollars have funded thousands of scholarships over the past 20 years.

Much has been accomplished. Much remains to be done.

We must redouble our Kids’ Chance work in our home states, constantly reaching out to find every child who qualifies. But we must expand our efforts to other venues. We must focus on states with no Kids’ Chance programs and find interested people to start them. With each passing day opportunities are lost to help children of seriously injured workers.

We are committed to starting Kids’ Chance programs in all 50 states, and beyond, to give all children of seriously injured workers a better shot at success.

There are now Kids’ Chance organizations in 17 states and similar organizations in eight others. With the help of Kids’ Chance of America, three more states are starting Kids’ Chance programs, and two additional states are showing interest. Perhaps by the time we look back on 2012, we’ll have 30 states with Kids’ Chance organizations.

What can you do?

Take a look at our website,, to see if your state has an organization. Contact them and offer to help. If they don’t, contact Kids’ Chance of America. We’ll help you get one started.

Our goals are simple: a Kids’ Chance organization in every state, and a post-high school scholarship for every child who qualifies. If you know of such a child, please let us know.

Peggy Hassler
Executive Director
Kids’ Chance of America