California Workers' Comp News Roundup (1/23/2012) - Powered by Larson's

California Workers' Comp News Roundup (1/23/2012) - Powered by Larson's

CA: CHSWC Posts Draft Report on Impact of AMA-Based PDRS in California.

CA: CHSWC Posts Memo on Requirement for Insurer Review of Employer's IIPP.

CA: CHSWC Approves Report on Medical Care Provided Under Calif. WC Program.

CA: CHSWC Posts 2011 Annual Report on CHSWC Systems.

CA: CHSWC Releases 2011 WOSHTEP Advisory Board Annual Report.

CA: CHSWC Approves Report on Use of Compound Drugs, Medical Foods, Co-Packs.

CA: Angie Wei Elected 2012 Chair of CHSWC.

CA: CHSWC Releases Selected Indicators in Workers Comp 2011 Report Card.

CA: CHSWC Releases Construction Case Study Training Guide.

CA: CHSWC Releases Report on Evaluation of State's Injury, Illness Prevention Program.

CA: Probe of Bell Police Finds 13 "Exceedingly Large" Workers Comp Awards.

CA: Workers Comp Rates Increase 2.8%, SCIF to Keep Workers Comp Rates Flat.

CA: Many Companies Using Insurance Commissioner's Advisory Pure Premium Rates.

CA: DWC Now Accepting Applications for Upcoming QME Examination.

CA: Governor's State of the State 2012 Address Silent on Workers Comp Reform.

CA: Senate Committee Passes SB 810 Single-Payer Health Care Coverage.

NCOIL Conference to Address Physician Repackaging, Volunteer Firefighters, Migrant Workers.

PCI Announces 2012 State Advocacy Priorities, Need to Combat Rising WC Costs.

National Drug Abuse Summit to Be Held April 10-12, Orlando, FL.

CDC Posts Latest Report on Prescription Drug Overdoses.

CMS Says Growth in U.S. Health Spending Remains Slow in 2010.

Senator Collins Advocates US Postal Workers Comp Reform.

CDC Says 38 Million Adults Binge Drink, Leads to Loss of Lives, Work Productivity.

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