An Embolism, an Appendix and Dr. Bandera in Delaware

An Embolism, an Appendix and Dr. Bandera in Delaware

I always look for the "funky" cases.  You may recall when I offered y'all a salute to "defecation syncope".  Good times, those were.....In checking out the latest releases from the Delaware IAB, I stumbled across  a couple of little diamonds in the rough.  Something different, something special.............

Case #1 Alan Paz v. Barclay's Bank of DE, IAB# 1343671 (3/20/12) A pulmonary embolism is deemed to be related to a compensable leg injury and is awarded a 4% impairment to the right lung. Dr.  Peter Bandera testified on behalf of the claimant and Dr. Jeff Meyers testified on behalf of the employer.  The Board embraced Dr. Meyers' 4% rating over the 10% rating of Dr. Bandera.  First time I have seen a lung rating based on pulmonary embolism.  Good to know.

Case #2 Isiah Daniels v. Two Men and a Truck, IAB# 1373942 (3/20/12) A ruptured appendix is held to be causally related to a specific blunt force trauma to the stomach which occurred at work.  Dr. Peter Bandera testified for the claimant and Dr. Wesley Clayton testified for the defense.  The case is pretty factually driven but you will learn a little something about the appendix.

And props to Dr. Bandera-apparently now the go-to guy for everything from pulmonology, occupational disease, vascular surgery and trauma surgery.  Now that's what I call a Renaissance man.

Irreverently yours,
Cassandra Roberts

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