Be Our Guest: DE Providers Host Medical School for Lawyers Dinner Seminar

Be Our Guest: DE Providers Host Medical School for Lawyers Dinner Seminar

I like to think I am a social creature.  I like to eat (can’t ya tell?) and I LOVE to talk shop.  So as you might imagine, I was in my glory last night at the Columbus Inn attending the Medical School for Lawyers Dinner Seminar.  Add to that a panel of esteemed docs as our faculty and an audience that included some of the superstars of the DE claimant’s bar and I have found my bliss.

So this is a shout out to Colleen Shields of Injured Workers’ Pharmacy, Joe Maimone of Papastavros Associates and Jeff Myers of Dynamic Physical Therapy.  I went to this event thinking it might be a waste of time but that nonetheless I would be with some of my favorite peers and besides--who turns down a dinner at the Columbus Inn?

I was most pleasantly surprised.  Dr. Alexander Mark of Papastavros, a neuroradiologist, spoke about medical imaging.  I learned that a 3.0 Tesla magnet MRI is the gold standard, but was cautioned that if your client has a normal MRI, you can’t hide behind the “poor quality imaging” argument.  Clinicians might often differ on the MRI findings when the magnetic field is low, but there is a much lower margin for disagreement when the film is of the highest quality-- food for thought…..along with that incredible Caesar Salad and Filet Mignon.

Dr. Mark’s presentation was followed by a discourse from Dr. Manonmani Antony of Sussex Pain Relief Center who traveled up from “Slower Lower” to join us.  Dr. Antony educated her audience on everything from the pharmacological implications of pain management, protocols for urine drug screening, indicators for a spinal cord stimulator, and the benefits of minimally invasive disc surgery.  We discovered that Delaware is number two in the nation for per capita consumption of opioids (no wonder we have so many UR’s)

Our agenda closed with some shared insights from Dr. Michael Principe of Delaware Orthopedic Specialists, who is a complex fracture and trauma reconstruction specialist.  Dr. Principe is something of a wunderkind among the docs in his practice and yet another resource for litigation on behalf of the injured worker (I kind of liken this to the proposition “Dr. Principe giveth…. and Dr. Gelman taketh away”).

All three of these docs would be excellent witnesses from my vantage point.  I was struck by Dr. Marks’ understated (and authoritative ) reserve, thought Dr. Antony was simply wicked smart (as well as fashion’s plaything), and was captivated by Dr. Principe in terms of his ability to put literally broken people back together after massive trauma.  We attorneys who do injury work like to think we know a lot of medicine (and we probably do) but I came away from this event educated.  And thought that the neuroradiologist in particular might serve me in litigation where the significance of the MRI findings are disputed— and that Dr. Mark in particular would likely be of equal use to both the plaintiff and defense bar.

So again, hats off to our hosts who sure know how to throw a party.  The next time they want to create a guess who’s coming to dinner event, I certainly hope they keep me on the guest list…… I’ll even cater the desserts!

Irreverently yours,

Cassandra Roberts

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