Delaware DOL Publishes New Rates…….. and a Law Firm Name Expands Just a Little

Delaware DOL Publishes New Rates…….. and a Law Firm Name Expands Just a Little

I like to think you can find all the news that’s fit to print on the Detour & Frolic.  And it is that time of year—you know, the time when we all expect an announcement (and a chart) from the Department of Labor as to new rates for the 2014-2015 year.  I kept waiting for that DOL email blast…… perhaps you did as well.  When it didn’t arrive by the third week in July, I inquired.  The new rates were published on the DOL website without any of the usual fanfare.   The times, they are a-changing…… and not always for the better.  I miss that fanfare, folks.

So consider today’s post the equivalent of a ticker tape parade.  On two fronts, the first being the new rates, as follows:

·   The new max rate is $665.57 (for an AWW of $998.35 or over)
·   The new minimum rate is $221.86
·   The new max attorney’s fee is $9983.50

And remember—if the AWW is lower than the minimum rate, then the comp rate and the AWW are one and the same.

Turning to the other really great news: The ever-venerable and well-loved claimant firm of Kimmel, Carter, Roman & Peltz has changed its name to Kimmel, Carter, Roman, Peltz & O’Neill.  This development is in honor of Jonathan B. O’Neill who is now important enough to put his name on the building and letterhead.  A more genial colleague and adversary doesn’t exist …….. well with the possible exception of Larry Kimmel (who doesn’t love him?)  Congrats, Jon!!

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