Workers' Comp Fraud Blotter (7/31/2014) – Roofer Who Defrauded Homeowners Will Serve Time in Prison

Workers' Comp Fraud Blotter (7/31/2014) – Roofer Who Defrauded Homeowners Will Serve Time in Prison


Workers' Comp Fraud Blotter – July 31, 2014

Roofer Who Defrauded Homeowners Will Serve Time in Prison (NY) – Robert Decker, a roofer who stole thousands of dollars from homeowners by taking their money but failing to complete work on their homes, has been sentenced to three to nine years in prison. He solicited customers and told them that that his roofing company, A+ Rated Contracting, was fully insured. In fact, the company did not have coverage for roofing, and often had no insurance coverage at all. Decker left many jobs unfinished, and in some cases never performed any work whatsoever. He further admitted to filing false documents, claiming that his roofing company was exempt from having workers’ compensation coverage.   Read more

Paver Barreled Over By Workers’ Compensation Charges (CT) – Richard Perry has been charged with workers’ compensation benefits fraud. Perry reported suffering a work-related injury from moving a 200-pound barrel of scrap metal while working at a scrap metal recycling business. He was subsequently observed working for a Torrington paving company while receiving total disability benefits.   Read more

College Student Lied About His Grades To Keep His Workers’ Compensation Benefits (OH) – Ryan Strohm has pled guilty to workers’ compensation fraud. Strohm withdrew from his workers compensation paid college courses, but submitted grades as if he had completed those courses. He received benefits while attending college to assist with his return to work goals. Investigators reviewed college transcripts and confirmed that Strohm submitted false college records and made false statements.   Read more

Professional Snowboarder Tried To Skate Around Workers’ Compensation Insurance (ID) – Ryan Neptune, a former professional snowboarder who was the 1999 champion in boardercross, has been charged with failing to purchase workers’ compensation insurance for his design company, Gateway Parks. Neptune has designed and built snow parks in several states. He has also been recently arrested on unrelated domestic violence charges of attempted strangulation.   Read more

Fiancée Receives Suspended Sentence For Assisting Workers’ Compensation Fraud (MT) – Chelsea Chafee has been given a ten-year suspended sentence for helping Matthew Ailer stage an accident at work involving a heavy piece of machinery in order to collect workers’ compensation. Chafee is also in state prison for unrelated convictions of burglary, arson, and theft.   Read more 

Electrician Charged With Double-Dipping (OH) – David Sturgill pled has guilty to workers’ compensation fraud. Investigators received an allegation and confirmed that Sturgill was working as an electrician while receiving benefits.   Read more

Letter Carrier Who Operated Adult Online Sex Business While Disabled Given Probation (IN) - Former postal employee Chopper Loughran has been placed on probation after pleading guilty to making false statements in connection with federal workers' compensation benefits. Loughran, who operated an eBay business, Chopper's Playhouse, where she sold adult sex toys while she was receiving disability benefits, was charged with false mileage and child care reimbursement requests.   Read more

Ohio Claimant Drove to Indianapolis To Hide His Double-Dipping (OH) – David Delvecchio has been ordered to pay more than $26,000 in workers’ compensation restitution after pleading guilty to felony fraud. While collecting disability benefits in Ohio, Delvecchio was found to be employed at Capital Machine Company in Indianapolis, Indiana, and also employed as a seasonal safety patrol member for the Indianapolis Speedway.   Read more 

Bootlegger Postal Clerk Admits Running Business While On Federal Disability (NJ) – David Lodi has pled guilty to making false statements, theft of mail and copyright infringement. While working as a mail processing clerk for the Postal Service, he operated "Instacurb," "Video Dave" and "Video Dave 2009" businesses, where he sold bootlegged DVDs of newly released movies, some of which he originally stole from the mail. Lodi also claimed that he was injured at work, and he collected federal workers’ compensation benefits for three years while he was operating these businesses.   Read more 

Adult Family Home Operator Must Make Restitution and Go To Jail (WA) – Sharon Weaver must repay the State of Washington $203,594 for workers' compensation benefits she received fraudulently. Weaver had claimed that she was too disabled to work while operating an adult family home out of her residence at the same time. She listed herself as president and provided various caregiver duties, including transferring patients between beds and commodes, and bathing and dressing them.   Read more

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