Workers' Comp Fraud Blotter (8/28/2014) – Refuse Truck Driver Who Fell Into His Doctor From Dizziness Could Stand In Line For His Starbucks

Workers' Comp Fraud Blotter (8/28/2014) – Refuse Truck Driver Who Fell Into His Doctor From Dizziness Could Stand In Line For His Starbucks


Workers' Comp Fraud Blotter – August 28, 2014

Refuse Truck Driver Who Fell Into His Doctor From Dizziness Could Stand In Line For His Starbucks (CA) –Robert Sallie has pled guilty to felony workers’ compensation insurance fraud for lying about his injuries. Sallie reported that when he loaded an exercise machine into a front bucket loader while working as a refuse truck driver for the City of Folsom, the machine fell out of the bucket and the handle of the device hit him on the head. He claimed that he suffered from debilitating dizziness, headaches and vertigo, and while performing a balance test in his doctor’s office, he fell over onto the doctor. But investigators conducted video surveillance that showed Sallie driving two vehicles, visiting friends and neighbors, going to Starbucks, and bending over and engaging in other activities that contradicted his claims.   Read more

Mobile Makeover Artist’s Disability Fraud Discovered Because Of Publicity For Her Business (NY) – Former Metropolitan Transportation Authority bus driver Nneka Ingram has been charged with grand larceny and fraud for operating her mobile truck business, Celebrities Mobile Boutique, which offered makeup and beauty services, while she was receiving disability payments. Ingram received $84,000 in workers’ compensation benefits for post-traumatic stress that she said she suffered from after she was spit upon and threatened by a passenger on the MTA bus she was operating. Ingram and her business had been featured in newspaper and television reports and promoted in social media while she was allegedly disabled.   Read more

Granite Installer Took For Granted That He Could Get Away With Double-Dipping (CA) – Angel Monzon has been charged with insurance fraud, perjury under oath, and making fraudulent statements for cashing disability checks under the false pretense of being unable to work. While working as a granite installer for Fermol Inc., Monzon lost his balance and fell when carrying a large piece of granite, which broke and landed on his right thigh and knee. Monzon was placed on temporary total disability and reported to his doctors that he was unable to work as a result of the injuries he suffered and had limited physical abilities. Fermol later reported that Monzon was working for another company, and investigators received video surveillance footage of Monzon working on manual labor projects similar to those he performed prior to his injury.   Read more

Daughter Charged With Stealing $45,000 In Dead Dad’s Workers’ Compensation Benefits (PA) – Margaret Black has been arraigned on charges that she unlawfully collected her father's $800 a week workers' compensation benefits for months after he passed away. Black received several official forms from the workers’ compensation insurance company, which were intended for her father, and she allegedly signed his name and returned the forms to the insurer so that the insurer believed that her father was still alive and eligible for benefits.   Read more

Construction Company Owner Failed To Carry Workers’ Compensation Insurance and Pay His Employees For Hospital Demolition (NY) – Anthony Miller, the owner of Bael Out Enterprises a/k/a Bale Out Enterprises, has been indicted on charges of labor and workers’ compensation fraud for failing to pay his employees and failing to obtain worker’s compensation insurance. Miller hired 70 workers to perform demolition and construction work at the old St. Mary’s Hospital, telling the workers that he planned to convert the building into a center for veterans’ services, with housing, a medical clinic and daycare. He promised them an ownership interest in the center and permanent jobs, training and healthcare once the work was completed. He failed to pay them for two weeks, and then wrote them bad checks for their pay, while also failing to obtain workers’ compensation for them.   Read more

Former County File Clerk Sentenced To Jail For Fraud, But Will Likely Do Home Confinement Instead (CA) – Sunita Sagar, a former file clerk for San Mateo County, has been sentenced to 120 days in jail after pleading no contest to workers’ compensation fraud. Sagar was receiving benefits for a back injury that she sustained at her employment with the county, which she said prevented her from engaging in daily activities and for which she needed home health care. At the same time, though, she was caught on surveillance video working at restaurant businesses that she and her husband owned. The judge who sentenced her recommended to the county sheriff that she serve her time in home confinement instead of jail.   Read more

Roofer Grounded For Workers’ Compensation Fraud (OH) – Charles Mattox has pled guilty to workers’ compensation fraud. Investigators received an allegation that Mattox was performing side jobs for cash payment while receiving workers’ compensation benefits. Investigators conducted surveillance, reviewed bank records, and conducted interviews, all of which served as evidence to support the allegation. Mattox has been sentenced to six months of community control and must pay $2,601.03 in restitution.   Read more

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