Work Comp Index 7th Edition (2008) for California Workers' Compensation

Work Comp Index 7th Edition (2008) for California Workers' Compensation

The new 7th Edition (2008) of the Work Comp Index is an alphabetical-by-subject index to workers' compensation in California. It references not only case law, but also codes, rules/regulations and other books by experts on the subject.

Have you ever tried to find a code section or case cite, looking for something you read a few days before, but now you have trouble finding it? Who wants to waste time researching the same thing twice?  

This book began as a list I made of things which had been hard for me to find, on topics such as "Injuries during a trip to/from medical treatment," case law issues like "Compensable Consequences," and the constantly changing sections in the "Rules" or "Code of Regulations," the Labor Code, etc. Sample headings include topics such as:

  • Apportionment
  • Independent Medical Review  
  • Medical Provider Networks  
  • Old or New PD Schedule (and when they apply)
  • Spinal Surgery
  • Utilization Review

There are approximately 900 pages covering hundreds of topics in the Work Comp Index with extensive cross-references.

Many entries are repeated under different topics instead of having a bunch of index entries that refer you to another page. I think an index should simply give the answer straight away and not tell you to look up the answer on another page.

Sometimes the same entry is repeated several times under different topics. This "redundancy" increases the odds that a reader will find the answer to a question the first place they look.

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