California EAMS Bulk Filing

California EAMS Bulk Filing

First there were OCR forms. Then e-filing came along to expedite things. Now the Division of Workers’ Compensation (DWC) is developing a new way of using the Electronic Adjudication Management System (EAMS) that will exponentially improve the way workers’ compensation documents are processed.

On Monday, Jan. 26, 2009, all interested stakeholders met with the DWC administration at a public meeting to provide input for developing a new process for “bulk filing” documents. Once the new program is put in place, parties will be able to file their court documents through a data transmission system from their personal office directly into their DWC district office.

Currently, there are two ways to file documents with the DWC. Parties can either use the paper OCR forms or e-file documents.

If parties choose to file with OCR forms, they must go to the DWC website, download OCR forms, fill them in, print them out and then deliver the paper OCR forms to their district office. The OCR forms are then scanned into EAMS by DWC personnel.

E-filers must log on to the DWC website, complete the e-forms online and then electronically file their documents, one at a time.

Both processes have worked well, but both have drawbacks, especially for parties who file a multitude of documents on a regular basis.

Therefore, DWC is in the process of developing a third method of filing to incorporate even more external users into the paperless system. With the assistance of a volunteer advisory group comprised of representatives from all aspects of the legal community, the DWC will determine what needs are currently not being met, and how the EAMS system can more effectively serve those needs. Once that determination has been made, the architecture for this third step in EAMS will be created and implemented to provide the maximum service possible to the entire workers’ compensation community.

For more information on this new process and to view a copy of the presentation, log onto the EAMS website at:


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