California: Access to EAMS

California: Access to EAMS

Good news for the workers’ comp community. The EAMS webpage ( has been redesigned to make the entire site more user-friendly. All instruction pods from “EAMS for beginners” to “Preparing your paper documents for submission” have been reorganized and reformatted to make information easier to access.

In addition, there are a lot of exciting new products on the site that assist all parties in all facets of workers’ comp litigation.

For instance, the fastest way to check on a case and to determine the next hearing date is to click on the “Public Search” engine at: (This is for active cases only.)

First, input an identifying factor about your case, such as the case number or the applicant’s first and last name. Then click enter. Search results will immediately pop up indicating the applicant’s name, the case number, the date of injury, the employer name, the case status and the next hearing date.

The DIR website has other interesting tools that can help parties navigate EAMS which are located at:

One of the most important sites is the Uniform Assigned Names database. All hearing representatives, including attorneys, as well as claims administrators, are required to be registered with this system and use their uniform assigned name when filing. The website gives extensive instructions on how to register, the naming convention and how parties should use their Uniform Assigned Names.

There is a listing of all registered EAMS users in the state, as well as a look-up tool for both “claims administrators’ offices” and “representative offices.” This information can be found at:

In addition if you know the old case number (also called the legacy case number) there is a very easy way to find that case’s new EAMS number. Just click on the “legacy case lookup tool” on the website:

All of the information you need to successfully use EAMS is just a computer click away.  And the EAMS team is always on the look-out for ways to make things work even smoother, so feel free to send any suggestions you may have to: 


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