LexisNexis Top Blog of the Year Workers Compensation and Workplace Issues - 2009

LexisNexis Top Blog of the Year Workers Compensation and Workplace Issues - 2009

The LexisNexis Workers’ Compensation Law Center is pleased to announce our selection for Top Blog of the Year 2009. To be sure, it was a tough decision to make, what with so many excellent blogs to consider in our Top 25 Blogs 2009 list. We appreciate all of the feedback we’ve received from community members who have taken the time to post comments to our Top 25 Blogs announcement. We also thank the members of the Larson’s National Workers’ Compensation Advisory Board for their input. [Note: The five Top 25 blog honorees who serve on our advisory board did not participate in our deliberations for either the Top 25 Blogs or Top Blog of the Year.]

While reviewing the Top 25 Blogs and the impact each of them had in 2009, we discovered that it’s impossible to compare national (or international) blogs with blogs that have a state-specific viewpoint. A national blog covers a broad spectrum of issues and attracts a larger audience, whereas a blog with a state-specific viewpoint concentrates on state issues and procedures that are of particular interest to the workers’ compensation community within that state. Each type of blog can impact the community for which it serves. For that reason, we have decided to honor two blogs for Top Blog of the Year 2009.

The LexisNexis Workers’ Compensation Law Center congratulates the following two recipients of our Top Blog of the Year 2009 award:

Workers’ Comp Insider
Published by Lynch Ryan

Workers’ Comp Insider’s excellent coverage this past year of the side effects of the economic recession on workers’ compensation, from government bailouts to bankruptcy to fraud and more, made it our choice for the Top Blog of the Year 2009 on national workers’ compensation and workplace issues. Workers’ Comp Insider also proved again the power of a company blog to showcase the expertise of its employees as evidenced this year by articles in both The Washington Post and the Las Vegas Sun, which cited the Workers’ Comp Insider on the issues of death from a workplace injury and controlling workers’ comp costs, respectively. Workers’ Comp Insider’s in-depth research to uncover the best government and industry websites and blogs in the blogosphere was second to none in 2009, and enabled policymakers, journalists, and anyone with an interest in and passion for workers’ compensation and workplace safety to do a deep dive into a collection of online resources that they may never have heard of otherwise.

Workers Comp Zone
Published by Julius Young

Julius Young at Workers Comp Zone reported from the trenches of California workers’ compensation law, providing a steady stream of insightful commentary and analysis each month this past year. This blog was clearly “in the zone” during 2009 with its coverage of the ongoing battle over workers’ compensation rates in California as evidenced by a Sacramento Business Journal article, which quoted Workers Comp Zone for its criticism of the Workers’ Compensation Rating Insurance Bureau. The Workers’ Comp Zone also provided insightful commentary on the controversial Almaraz-Guzman decision relating to the use of the AMA Guides to rate permanent disability, state furloughs, and the sale of part of the State Compensation Insurance Fund. We tip our hats to Workers Comp Zone, the citizen watchdog of California workers’ compensation politics and our choice for Top Blog of the Year 2009 for its coverage of state-specific issues relating to workers’ compensation and the workplace.

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Top Blog of the Year 2009 - Workers Compensation
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