California DWC Goes to the Movies

California DWC Goes to the Movies

Always eager to both educate and entertain, the DWC has issued its latest video sensation, “OCR Forms Unleashed.” This sequel to the ever popular “OCR Forms Gone Wild” has been called derivative of Fellini by some critics, but it’s a definite “must see” if you want to file successfully in EAMS.

EAMS Instruction Video:

This quick-and-easy 10 minute video can be found on the EAMS website at:

Just click on “Video” and you will learn everything you wanted to know about OCR forms, but were afraid to ask. For those who prefer the screenplay to video, the DWC has also included a transcript version at the same location. You might want to forward the link to your clerical staff and keep a copy on hand for new employees. It includes all sorts of nifty tips and tricks for successfully navigating EAMS. It is designed to help all parties avoid processing delays and Notices of Discrepancies.

Global Search of EAMS Regs:

If you are not sure why a Notice of Discrepancy might issue, download the EAMS regulations and do a global search for “Discrepancy.” Or just scroll down to the applicable rule §10222. It’s easy to do a global search with the word version of the EAMS regs. Easily searchable regs in Word format can be found at:

FAQs on All Things Related to EAMS

If you prefer FAQ lists, click on the following link for an updated version of all questions, and more important all answers, related to EAMS:

The website contains lots of other new and exciting features as well. Just click on and start exploring!

New EAMS Forms:

One of the biggest changes to occur in the last month is the introduction of the new Declaration of Readiness (DOR) form (DWC-CA form 10250.1). (To retrieve all EAMS forms, click “Find a form” on the “I want to…” navigation side bar on the DWC Web site.)

Now there is a new choice when selecting the type of hearing to be set. In addition to the usual hearings (MSC, Status Conference, Rating MSC and Priority Conference), the DWC has also added “Lien Conference.” This will allow district offices to distinguish between lien conferences and regular MSCs and will allow better control over effective and timely settings for each type of conference. 

QME Panel Requests Simplified:

QME panel requests have been simplified with two new forms also located on the DWC website. (Again, click on “Find a form” on the side bar.) New QME form 31.7 is an easy to use one page form, which can be used by parties to request an additional QME panel from the Medical Unit. This type of request would occur when the first QME selected is fine, but an additional QME is now needed pursuant to AD rule §31.7.

New QME form 31.5 can be used by parties to request a replacement QME panel. This type of request is made when a party requests that the first QME selected be replaced pursuant to AD rule §31.5.

The DWC hopes that these changes will more effectively serve the needs of our legal community. If you have any ideas or suggestions for improvement, please send us an email at:

This blog has been approved by the California Division of Workers' Compensation.

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