Cal. Comp. Cases September Advanced Postings (9/2/2010)

Cal. Comp. Cases September Advanced Postings (9/2/2010)

Here's the first batch of advanced postings for the September 2010 issue of Cal. Comp. Cases. subscribers can link to the cases below to read the complete headnotes.

Los Angeles Metropolitan Transportation Authority, PSI v. W.C.A.B., Jimmy Rayford

75 Cal. Comp. Cases ***, 2010 Cal. Wrk. Comp. LEXIS 150

Compromise and Release Agreements--Deductions--Permanent Disability Advances--WCAB held that language of C&R of applicant's claims for industrial injuries meant that applicant was to receive $250,000, minus $40,000 for attorney's fees, with no deduction for PD advances made by defendant before date of approval of C&R, but with deduction for further PD advances defendant made on or after that date, when WCAB found that ...

Harold J. Rucker, Jr. v. W.C.A.B., County of Sacramento/Sacramento County Department of Health and Human Services

75 Cal. Comp. Cases ***, 2010 Cal. Wrk. Comp. LEXIS 151

Qualified Medical Evaluator Reports--Time to Serve--WCAB held that panel QME's report was timely served and denied applicant's request to disqualify report and obtain new panel QME, when WCAB found that unrepresented applicant claimed injury AOE/COE to brain and psyche on while working for defendant as county health services worker, that ...

Qualified Medical Evaluator Reports--WCAB held that there was no evidence that panel QME did not comply with requirements of 8 Cal. Code Reg. Sec. 36.5.

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