Cal. Comp. Cases November Advanced Postings (11/2/2010)

Cal. Comp. Cases November Advanced Postings (11/2/2010)

Here’s the second batch of advanced postings for the November 2010 issue of Cal. Comp. Cases. subscribers can link to the case below to read the complete headnotes and summary.

Paul Anfuso v. W.C.A.B., Beverly La Cumbre Convalescent Hospital, Constitution State Services

75 Cal. Comp. Cases ***, 2010 Cal. Wrk. Comp. LEXIS 206

Permanent Disability--Rating--Substantial Evidence--WCAB held that reports of orthopedic AME and defense psychiatrist constituted substantial evidence to support WCJ's finding that applicant/MDS coordinator's industrial injuries to psyche and right knee...

Petitions for Reconsideration--Page Limitation--Sanctions--WCAB warned that submission of petitions for reconsideration that exceed 25-page limit set forth in 8 Cal. Code Reg. § 10845(a) could subject attorney filing petition to...

Richard Stopfer v. W.C.A.B., Pride Uniform Rental Corporation, State Compensation Insurance Fund

75 Cal. Comp. Cases ***, 2010 Cal. Wrk. Comp. LEXIS 207

WCAB Jurisdiction--Five-Year Statute of Limitations--Temporary Disability Award--WCAB held that it did not have jurisdiction to award applicant new period of TD indemnity beginning 9/1/2009, even though applicant filed timely petition to reopen previous award, because first indication of applicant's new TD status occurred in 9/1/2009 report from applicant's treating physician, which was more than five years after date of applicant's industrial injury, when WCAB found that...

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