Workers’ Comp Fraud Blotter – Recent Arrests, Charges, Convictions, and Investigations (11/18/2010)

Workers’ Comp Fraud Blotter – Recent Arrests, Charges, Convictions, and Investigations (11/18/2010)

Each week we'll be surveying what the media, state agencies, insurance companies, and others report in terms of workers' comp fraud. Just like a police blotter, our workers' comp fraud blotter lists recent arrests, charges, convictions and investigations.

Workers' Comp Fraud Blotter - November 18, 2010

Contractor Pleads Guilty to Underreporting Workers (WA) - J&C Contracting owners Clemente Ezquivel and Rosalva Ezquivel have agreed to pay the Dept. of Labor & Industries $258,000 in restitution after pleading guilty to intentionally false reporting their business' employees by paying them "under the table". Read more

Postal Worker Ordered to Repay Nearly $15K in Fraud Case (OH) - Tonia M. Anderson, an Akron postal worker, has been sentenced to house arrest and probation and ordered to repay nearly $15,000 in workers' compensation benefits.  Read more

Councilman, Wife Complete Book and Release Program (CA) - Vista City Councilman Frank Lopez and his wife Mary Lopez have completed the jail portion of their sentence for pleading guilty to misdemeanour workers' compensation fraud. Read more

Zullinger Meats, Two Officers Allegedly Failed to Carry Workers' Comp Insurance (PA) - Zullinger Meats, Mark Adjetey (President) and Kevin Carter (Vice President) have been charged with 299 counts for failure to carry workers' compensation insurance for their employees during much of the year 2008. Read more

Memphis Business Owner Indicted for Fraud (TN) - Richard Nobles, a Memphis business owner, has been indicted by a grand jury for four counts of workers' compensation fraud. Read more

Ex-Guard Sentenced, Ordered to Pay Restitution (NY) - James S. Gibbs, a former correctional facility guard, has been sentenced to four months in jail and five years of probation and ordered to pay $40,000 in restitution for workers' compensation fraud. Read more

Workers' Comp Doctor to Head Back to Court for Further Arraignment (CA) - The lawyer for Dr. Scott Dodd Anderson said his client denies the charges made by five female patients relating to sexual misconduct on the doctor's part. Dr. Anderson has been ordered back to court on Nov. 30 for further arraignment. Read more

Audit Says Advocacy Group Inappropriately Spent Grant Money (DC) - A government audit said the advocacy group ACORN inappropriately spent grant money, including $1.2 million on ineligible activities such as payroll taxes and workers' compensation insurance. Read more

LeRoy Worker Indicted on Theft Charges (NY) - James D. Henry, Jr. has been indicted by a grand jury for attempted third-degree grand larceny and criminal possession of a forged instrument in relation to an alleged scam to collect workers' compensation benefits. Read more

King William County Woman Pleads Guilty to Embezzlement (VA) - Karen Collins Wright, who was employed by Bituminous Insurance Company, pleaded guilty to embezzlement for drawing checks made out to a fictitious person and making withdrawals from existing workers' compensation claims and other accounts, averaging $50,000 a year for a decade. Read more