An Invitation: The Delaware "Funky Permanencies".....What We Don't Know Can Hurt Us (A Campaign)

An Invitation: The Delaware "Funky Permanencies".....What We Don't Know Can Hurt Us (A Campaign)

It occurred to me as I was mailing claimant attorney Henry Davis a copy of my super-duper laminated permanency chart that it really bugs me that I have no way of knowing if it is complete. Truly and boastfully complete....Not for sure. I had polled some of the Hearing Officers a few months ago and no one had any recent "funky permanency decisions" to offer up for my chart. So I remain in the dark (a place I really hate when it comes to case law).

This wound was then re-opened by an email from Henry asking if I knew of any IAB awards for the hematologic system for a "thrombic disorder." Apparently this is recognized in the AMA Guides, pages 203-210. Man, it bugs me that I do not know.......I thought I was the "go-to gal" for obscure IAB rulings (at least in my own mind). Am I the only one who knows how much the labia are worth or what? [now there's one you don't see very often and yes, a decision exists] But returning to this hematologic that's really sexy and I wanna know.

So this is an invitation to anyone out there who has received a decision valuing any uncommon unscheduled impairments to check in with me. Including the hematologic system or the value of a thrombic disorder. I want to complete this chart and then disseminate it to all who have interest. Let's make this a contest-- those that check in with me and offer up an obscure permanency will be the first to receive the chart and there are door prizes as well. I promise to make it worth your while. Winners will also be given credit on the blog for their contributions.

Do it for me. Do it for Henry. Just do it, please. My email is Let's work together to create something bigger than all of us......:>)


As for my cat, Nutella Grace is fully recovered from her respiratory infection and conjunctivitis, as you can see above. I was beginning to think she was going to go the way of Cupka Marie. Thankfully she is healthy and making new friends every day......:>)

Blessings to you and your pets,
Cassandra Roberts

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