Score One for Our Team: DSBA 2011 Annual Work Comp Seminar Is a Winner

Score One for Our Team: DSBA 2011 Annual Work Comp Seminar Is a Winner

Props to (my hero) Gary Baker, Jessica Welch and Nancy Cobb who (with some modest assistance from yours truly) put together a heck of a seminar.  I thought it would be appropriate to offer some brief snippets of wisdom from the event for those of you who could not attend.  In addition, I am taking it upon myself to post the first annual Work Comp Section awards in relation to this event.

First the wisdom, along with the first two awards:

"A novel is not necessary when a short story will do...." (Lowell Groundland, Chairman of the Board, 5/4/11, speaking about how to present your case to the IAB)  I love this because it is first, true, and second, reminiscent of my favorite saying...that "in the library of the law, the work comp case is like the Harlequin romance." Meaning short, sexy, to the point.....and usually with a happy ending (at least if you are representing the claimant).  Some practitioners go at it like they are writing War and Peace.....and that usually just doesn't work.  Hats off to Mr. Groundland for being profound.  He is the winner of the Cassandra Roberts "Snippet of Wisdom Award."

"In its most basic form, UR is triggered by a bill." (Credited to claimant attorney Joe Rhoades of the Health Care Advisory Panel and offered up from the platform by Toni Muncey who was part of our seminar panel titled "Debunking the UR Myths."  And as much as I like Joe, Toni Muncey is the winner of the "Most Value-Added Award", for serving on our faculty and providing a wealth of practical UR information.  The comment offered is pure, it is uncomplicated and it is unsullied....actually nothing like the UR system itself....:>)

Other awards:

The "Most Dynamic Speaker" award this year goes to Scott Mondell.  Scott was on the panel addressing the issue of Permanent Impairment and he was animated, articulate and just a heck of a lot of fun to listen to.  And I don't really think he wanted to give up the is a blessed man indeed who loves his work.

The "Apple Doesn't Fall Far From the Tree" award goes to my dear friend Walt Schmittinger.  Walt is still grieving the loss of his dad Jay Schmittinger, the dean of the work comp claimant bar.  As long as Walt draws breath, Jay's outstanding legal legacy will never die.....he is truly all the best of what his dad had to offer.....without the vexation factor....:>)

The "Stand-Up Comedy Award" goes to Mike Silverman. He served on the Statute of Limitation panel with Yvonne Saville and Nancy Cobb.  I give him props...he was able to take a dry subject like the SOL (being presented late in the day) and provide us with a few belly laughs.

The "Best Jewelry Award" goes to Yvonne Saville...tasteful, elegant, and the object of my envy.  I think Yvonne and I ought to get together and host a Silpada Happy Hour.

The "Best Written Materials Award" goes to the panel consisting of Liz Lewis, Scott Simpson and Richard Wilson, on the topic of Occupational Disease.  Rich, that OD case we have together coming up ...thank you so much for providing me with a copy of your research file....:>)

The "We Really Need to Know This Award" goes to the panel which spoke on Commutations and the MSA Obstacle.....Anthony Frabizzio, Tiffany Friedman, Kristopher Starr, and Cheryl Ward.  These folks not only know more than I do, they had a pretty spiffy power point as well.  [Don Marston, we want that stamp!]

The "In Absentia Award" goes to my sister-in-law Nancy Faline.  Holding down the fort over at Tybout.... but Dennis Menton says next year she can attend.

Those of you who couldn't attend this year, you really lost out on the fun, the merriment, the hi-jinks....and you may have gotten something out of the program as well.  The coffee wasn't bad either....and this year the Riverfront did away with those tiny china coffee cups that make it seem like we are all assembled for high tea and offered some really nice cardboard travel cups with lids instead......for those who came just for the coffee and danish and then left.

So it was a winner.  And speaking of winners, last Tuesday Ursuline Academy Womens Lacrosse defeated the AI DuPont Lady Tigers 19 to 3.  And that is Sweet Caroline below having just scored a goal.......way to go, Carrie!

Irreverently yours,
Cassandra Roberts

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