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New Jersey Workers’ Compensation Trends for 2016

By Richard B. Rubenstein, Esq. Assembly Bill 3401, signed into law on November 14, 2016, mandates that workers’ compensation carriers and third-party administrators adopt a method for processing electronic bills for medical treatment rendered...

Robert G. Rassp, Esq.
California: Loss of Function Rating Prevailed Over Strict Anatomic Loss of Motion Rating

A recent case reflects how crucial it is for an evaluating or treating physician to point out all objective medical findings as a result of an industrial injury, and then there has to be a correlation between those objective medical findings and the ultimate...

Thomas A. Robinson
Arkansas: Commission Has Substantial Discretion in Weighing Medical Evidence

The Workers’ Compensation Commission did not err in finding that claimant had sustained a compensable injury to his left big toe where the employee, a diabetic, testified that in performing his work duties, coolant constantly spilled onto his feet...

Thomas A. Robinson
Wyoming: Commission Did Not Err In Accepting Seven Medical Expert’s Opinions Instead of Claimant’s Non-Expert Theory of Causation

Where the record established that the potential causes of a worker’s syncopal episodes were numerous and complex, the Wyoming Medical Commission did not abuse its discretion by accepting the evidence from seven medical experts, including the worker’s...

Thomas A. Robinson
Utah: Cervical Surgery Not Compensable Where it was Required to Treat Preexisting Condition, But Not Results of Accidental Injury Itself

Stressing that injuries are compensable under the Tennessee workers’ compensation laws, the work-related accident must not only be the legal cause of the injury, it must also be the medical cause as well. Accordingly, where five physicians concluded...

Thomas A. Robinson
Arkansas: Termination of Parental Rights After Compensable Injury Does Not Affect Dependency Rights of Minor Children

A divided Court of Appeals of Arkansas held that the clear language of Ark. Code Ann. § 11–9–527 did not allow for termination of a minor child’s survivor benefits upon termination of the employee’s parental rights or adoption...