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Importance of Engaging in Interactive Process Emphasized by Recent Trial Court Verdicts

A recent $1.5 million jury verdict in a Northern California Federal Court, applying the California Fair Employment and Housing Act to a Tennessee Corporation doing business in California, found that the Defendant retailer had failed to engage in the interactive...

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EAMS Blogs Reference Page (updated 6/18/2012)

Welcome to the EAMS Blogs Reference Page, which is designed to help you find specific topics, statutes, and regulations referenced in the blogs written by Judge Colleen Casey and Judge Robert Norton. Feedback and comments can be sent to Robin.E.Kobayashi...

Thomas A. Robinson
Brucellosis Contracted at Slaughter House Was Injury, Not Occupational Disease

Burress worked at IBP's meat-packing plant from 1987 until 1997. His first few years of work involved significant contact with hogs and hog blood and on at least one occasion during that early time frame, he cut a finger while working with the hogs...

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Welcome to Our New Communities!

Welcome to the new LexisNexis Communities. We have added new tools, new content and a whole new look and feel to make your experience richer and more beneficial. Our new design has easy-to-find featured content on the left side of the screen, allowing...

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First Appellate Merits Decision on PPO Discounts in Louisiana Workers' Compensation Setting

The Louisiana Court of Appeal, Third Circuit, issued the first decision from a trial on the merits where the defense centered on a preferred provider organization contract that was allegedly utilized to reduce the amounts owed to a provider under the...

Roy A. Franco
H.R. 4796 - Medicare Secondary Payer Enhancement Act of 2010 Introduced

We have taken our first step toward changing the Medicare Secondary Payer law. Representatives Patrick Murphy and Tim Murphy - both of Pennsylvania are our champions. They recognize the importance of making prompt payment of settlement benefits to the...