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Roger Rabb
Obesity and Worker Productivity by Occupational Class in the U.S.

A new study focuses on the negative impacts of obesity across different occupational classifications Obesity and its adverse effects on health and employment continue to be the subject of much-needed research and attention. In the recent past, I have...

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Thomas A. Robinson
North Carolina: Fatal Auto Accident Not in Course and Scope of Employment

A North Carolina appellate court affirmed the denial of workers’ compensation death benefits to the dependents of an employee, who worked as a supervisor for a public nonprofit agency and who sustained fatal injuries in a one-vehicle accident in...

Thomas A. Robinson
Virginia: Employee’s Injury Crossing Street from Parking Lot Not Compensable

Where a claimant’s injury occurred on a public street as she crossed from one of several parking lots provided by the employer to her workplace, her injuries did not arise out of and in the course of her employment, held a state appellate court...

Thomas A. Robinson
Ohio: Claimant Required to Show Fall Was Not Due to Idiopathic Condition

Where an employee sustained a broken hip in a fall at work, with no clear reason for the fall, but where the employee’s medical record indicated that she suffered from various medical conditions, including diabetes mellitus type II, thyroid disease...

Thomas A. Robinson
Florida: Isolated Pre-Employment High BP Reading Does Not Cause Loss of Presumption of Compensability

In a split decision, a Florida appellate court held that a single—abnormally high —blood pressure reading taken at an employment physical eight years before a police officer’s claim for workers’ compensation benefits was not “any...

Thomas A. Robinson
Kentucky: Self-Insurance Fund Responsible for 30 Percent Enhancement of Benefits for Insolvent Employer’s Safety Violation

Ky. Rev. Stat. Ann. 342.165(1), which provides for a 30 percent increase in workers’ compensation benefits where the workplace accident is caused in any degree by the intentional failure of the employer to comply with certain specific safety regulations...