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CA: RAND Corporation Study Says Compounded Drugs Bring Big Profits to California Doctors

A study by the RAND Corporation says that the prescribing of compounded drugs for injured workers generates large profits for the prescribing physicians. The use of such medications is also driving up the costs of workers' compensation claims in California. Read more in the Los Angeles Times .

Workplace Wellness Programs: The ROI Wars

Depending on which study you believe in, workplace wellness programs may or may not be a good return on investment for employers. On the one side you have studies showing that for every $1 invested in a workplace wellness program, there’s a $1.88 to $3.92 reduction in health care costs. On the...

2017 RAND Study Evaluates Occupational Disability Guidelines (ODG)

RAND Corp. published its review of the (1) Technical Quality and (2) Clinical Acceptance of the Occupational Disability Guidelines (ODG) published by Work Loss Data Institute (WLDI). This paper briefly discusses the RAND report. Who Is Work Loss Data Institute (WLDI)? WLDI publishes the ODG, arguably...