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Obesity in America as Cost Driver in the Workers’ Comp System

Stuart D. Colburn, a Shareholder of Downs Stanford in Austin, Texas, analyzes the impact of an obese workforce, one of the primary cost drivers in the workers’ compensation system. To view his slide presentation on this topic, click here . Next up: the business of medicine as a cost driver.

Obesity in the Workforce – An Expanding Problem

American waistlines are expanding, with the adult obesity rate estimated by some to be as high as 40%. The obesity rate in the workforce has historically been lower than that of the general population, but this too is on the increase. Obese workers reportedly have more occupational limitations, more...

Fighting Fire with Fire – The Impact of Obesity on Firefighter Health

A sure sign of the concern mounting over the rate of obesity in the U.S. is the number of studies that are coming out analyzing the issue from a myriad of different angles. One of the most recent, Adiposity Predicts Self-Reported Frequency of Poor Health Days Among Male Firefighters , looks at the issue...