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NC: Bill Would Change Negligence Standard to Comparative Fault

RALEIGH, NC - House Bill 813, which is working its way through the General Assembly, would change the negligence standard in lawsuits from contributory negligence to comparative fault. Read more at WRAL .

Oklahoma Opt Out Legislation Fails: A Post Mortem

By Thomas A. Robinson Late last Wednesday evening (April 25th), supporters of a controversial bill that would have allowed some Oklahoma employers to “opt out” of the state’s traditional workers’ compensation system [ see Oklahoma House Bill 2155 ] fell short of having sufficient...

Texas: Non-Subscribing Employer Not Liable for Injuries Caused by Open, Obvious Dangerous Condition

Answering a certified question from the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit, the Supreme Court of Texas held that, under Texas law, (1) subject to two limited exceptions not relevant to the case, an employer generally does not have a duty to warn or protect its employees from unreasonably...