Workers' Compensation

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CA: Employer's Management Representative Allowed to Attend Injured Worker's Deposition
Posted on 24 Jul 2010 by Robin E. Kobayashi

Amador Padilla v. Los Angeles Metropolitan Transportation Authority, PSI Discovery--Depositions--Employer Representatives--WCAB, in a majority opinion, granted defendant's petition for removal from WCJ's order limiting type of employer representative... Read More

CA: WCAB Rejects Limitation of Deposition Questions When Applicant Claimed Psychiatric Injury
Posted on 24 Apr 2010 by Robin E. Kobayashi

Quintella Eutsey v. City & County of San Francisco, PSI Discovery—Depositions—Psychiatric Injuries—WCAB, granting defendant ' s petition for removal, held that WCJ ' s order denying defendant ' s petition to compel... Read More