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Everybody Loves Pedro: Delaware IAB’s Recent Ruling On Illegals Creates Migrant Headache For Employers
Posted on 10 Apr 2015 by Cassandra Roberts

So fresh off the revelry of the Holland Workers Compensation Inn of Court and coming down from the sugar high created by cheesecake on parade, I hear from my dear one, Walt Schmittinger. And while I applaud Walt for his timely sharing of an IAB ruling... Read More

The Passover Post: Delaware IAB Comments on Residence Status and the Displaced Worker
Posted on 26 Mar 2013 by Cassandra Roberts

You've got to hand it to Mike Silverman. I count Mike among my dear friends and often find him at the top of my list of opponents. I have seen Mike in action recently as it relates to the client who speaks no English. Mike is fluent in Spanish and... Read More