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CA: San Jose Law Firm Details 5 Cases Where Employer Negligence Caused Injuries to Employees

SAN JOSE, CA - The San Jose Personal Injury Law Firm of Corsiglia, McMahon & Allard is announcing the resolution of five personal injury claims that have held California Bay Area employers accountable when their negligent acts caused significant injuries to their employees. In the first case,...

CA: Workers' Comp Insurer Had No Duty to Notify Bank That Issued Check Was Genuine

LOS ANGELES, CA - A California Court of Appeal has held that a man who suffered a seizure while in jail after a mix up over his attempt to cash a workers' compensation check at a bank could not sue the workers' compensation insurance company that issued the check for failing to contact the bank...

NC: Bill Would Change Negligence Standard to Comparative Fault

RALEIGH, NC - House Bill 813, which is working its way through the General Assembly, would change the negligence standard in lawsuits from contributory negligence to comparative fault. Read more at WRAL .