The Recharacterization of Loan Agreements under Applicable Bankruptcy and Non-Bankruptcy LawPosted on 04-12-2017

By: Ira L. Herman , Blank Rome, LLP The Statutory Predicate for Recharacterization To increase their share of a finite bankruptcy pie, creditors, debtors and other parties in interest in a case will seek to reduce or eliminate competing claims. This objective may be accomplished using various provisions... Read More

When Supply Exceeds Demand: Buying and Selling Oil and Gas Assets in the Current Low Price EnvironmentPosted on 06-03-2016

By: Ira L. Herman , Thompson & Knight LLP The price of crude oil, like the price of virtually all commodities, moves up in times of high demand and down in times of excess capacity. When a mismatch exists between supply and demand, the markets are expected to self-correct. Excess supply should... Read More

Director Duties in a Transnational Energy InsolvencyPosted on 03-11-2016

By: Cameron Kinvig LEXIS PRACTICE ADVISOR RESEARCH PATH: Financial Restructuring & Bankruptcy > Identifying Bankruptcy Risk > Oil and Gas Agreements > Practice Notes With oil prices at multi-year lows, the upstream oil and gas industry is reeling. Many exploration and production concerns... Read More