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iBraryGuy: What to Do with All That Space: Librarians Without Libraries

As law librarians know, the library industry has been transitioning toward a primarily digital existence.  A profession centered on managing a physical collection has shifted toward managing digital resources. Librarianship has a crisis of perception because it’s a profession tied to the image of its building. What is a librarian without a library? How has the profession evolved? And, what should be done with all that library space?

Those in the profession have become “embedded librarians.” An embedded librarian is a library professional who still performs the duties of a librarian, but does not necessarily work inside a physical library. Instead, they are physically “embedded” among their patron space.  A law librarian works in an office alongside the lawyers, paralegals and staff. Read the full article from iBraryGuy about changes in the profession of law librarians.

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