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The Columbus Dispatch: Public a big user of Franklin County’s renovated law library

The recently renovated law library might look like it’s reserved for lawyers. However, an increasing number of people are handling their own legal matters. Angela Baldree, the library’s executive director said that of the approximately 15,000 questions fielded by the staff last year, about 75 percent came from people representing themselves.

The library serves another less obvious function. After its recent renovation, all of the books and legal journals remain (about 5,000 titles and 20,000 volumes, some dating back more than two centuries.)

“The old books remain relevant,” said Common Pleas Judge Charles Schneider, one of the libraries strongest advocates. Looking for Volume 1 of the Laws of Ohio, published in 1803, the year of statehood? It’s on a shelf in the library’s reading room.  Read the full article from The Columbus Dispatch here.

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