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Converting to a digital library? Roadmap from a global law firm

By shrinking 40 libraries for 20 offices down to one, Foley & Lardner LLP ushers in a new era of information access with a digital library

Established in 1843, award-winning Foley & Lardner LLP is experienced at adapting to change to become stronger. With the considerable energy and money required to maintain 40 libraries in 20 offices around the world, it became obvious that change was once again on the horizon.


In 2012, Foley hired their first Director of Information Services, Jeff Bois. His primary goal was to increase attorneys’ access to content and maximize the library staff’s support of their endeavors, while reducing costs. To achieve these goals, he saw the introduction of eBooks and an associated digital library platform as fundamental. Essential to the creation of this digital library were:

  • A ‘technology agnostic’ platform that would work with any mobile device the attorneys used.
  • A broad inventory of legal eBooks to replicate the firm’s print collection.

Bois and his team selected to work with LexisNexis®. Legal eBooks from LexisNexis are published both in formats that are universally accessible from any mobile device. In addition, the LexisNexis® Digital Library solution with OverDrive® technology provides lending and content management capabilities—and is publisher agnostic. As a result:

  • Firm attorneys now have more mobility and access to the firm’s collection
  • Costs associated in maintaining the print libraries are reduced, including those for redundant content
  • The library staff spends less time managing titles and more time supporting firm attorneys

Once again, Jeff Bois is looking forward to change. He said, “One reason our firm is an early adopter of eBooks and a digital library platform is that by getting in at the beginning, we have a vitally important opportunity to influence how those technologies evolve and are enhanced by vendors.” Read Foley’s tips for enhancing attorneys’ adoption of a digital library.


More information? Learn how your firm can benefit from the LexisNexis Digital Library.

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