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Above The Law: Chasing Change- Stephanie Corey’s 3 Tips For Maximizing Adoption Of New Processes In-House

Change is a difficult, but very necessary part of in-house legal practice.

With the amount of time and money spent on new programs, processes and systems, maximizing adoption is critical to ensure that the cultural shift will be lasting and will provide an ROI in terms of productivity, reduced costs, information accessibility for both in-house teams and clients, better client service, and so on.

Every company culture is different and there are several overarching factors that must occur to ensure implementation and adoption success for any new initiative. In this article, Stephanie Corey, the co-founder of UpLevel Ops, recommends three steps: 1) Consistent Tone from Leadership- Leadership must set the tone for change throughout the organization. 2) Ensure Early User Buy-in- Getting user buy-in and acceptance is critical. 3) Understanding and Changing the Culture

Read the full article from Above The Law here.

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