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Amanda_Bales Posted on : Insider Community

New Lexis Advance® Tax Platform Now Available to Law School Faculty & Students; Highlights Include Tax Notes Today® and Cutting-Edge International Tax Titles


On June 1, LexisNexis launched its new online tax research platform called Lexis Advance® Tax. Already available to America’s law school faculty and students, it includes a rich, comprehensive package of nearly 1,400 sources, including tax news, primary law, journals and nearly 300 treatises, practice guides and forms products for both tax and estates lawyers. An exclusive to LexisNexis, the package includes all products from Tax Analysts, Inc., the VA-based tax news organization that publishes such dailies as Tax Notes TodayState Tax Today and Worldwide Tax Daily—all three considered “must reads” by serious tax lawyers. Tax Analysts also publishes three companion weekly journals tied to the dailies. Along with news, another strong area for L.A. Tax is its subpage devoted to International Tax. There, users will find a selection of titles examining hot, cutting-edge issues like: Lexis Guide to FATCA Compliance, the Lexis global guide to anti-money laundering laws around the world, and the recently-revised Foreign Tax & Trade Briefs, 2nd Ed, which provides summaries of each country’s tax system and laws.

All of these titles are produced by a team of tax experts led by Professor William H. Byrnes, Associate Dean, International Financial Law, at Texas A&M University Law School, in Fort Worth, the newest law school in Texas. See 

Looking for Lexis Advance Tax?
Sign in to, look for the pull-down menu called “Lexis Advance Research” in the upper-left corner. Click the down arrow and select Lexis Advance Tax.

If you have questions or would like to schedule a short training, please contact your LexisNexis® Account Executive.