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The Unique Pennsylvania Perspective on Contract Law


Pennsylvania has a unique take on contract law with holdings and rules of law that depart from the mainstream in significant respects. Understanding Pennsylvania contract law calls for a careful examination of the applicable judicial holdings.

Corbin on Pennsylvania Contracts combines jurisdictional insight with the authority of the Corbin brand to provide effective, efficient, current analysis of all tenets of Pennsylvania contract law in a single volume. Gain clarity on what’s true and what’s not true about contracts in Pennsylvania.

Corbin on Pennsylvania Contracts offers distinct insights authored by experienced Pennsylvania contract attorneys Timothy Murray and Jon Hogue.

  • Mr. Murray is a partner in the law firm Murray, Hogue & Lannis in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He has co-authored the supplements to Corbin on Contracts since 2004 and is author of the Corbin on Contracts Desk Edition.
  • Mr. Hogue is the Managing Partner of Murray, Hogue & Lannis and has taught as an adjunct professor at Carnegie-Mellon University.

This volume explores the Pennsylvania contract law statutes, Pennsylvania statute of frauds and unique holdings of Pennsylvania contract law. For example:

  • Pennsylvania is the only state to enact the Uniform Written Obligations Act, a substitute for consideration, but still requires a bargained-for exchange with restrictive covenants
  • Pennsylvania refuses to consider most evidence of fraud to invalidate a contract
  • Pennsylvania has a complicated test for third-party beneficiaries
  • Pennsylvania is in the minority regarding the “lost volume seller” rule and other key contract rules
  • Pennsylvania adheres to a strict “four corners” approach to contract interpretation and construction
  • Pennsylvania applies the law in the face of disagreement among courts regarding recovery of consumer credit card debt

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