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AHLA introduces new Health Law Watch 2019


AHLA has taken the burden of monitoring the hot-button issues of today off your plate with this compilation of top ten need-to-know-now articles.

Each annual edition of this new title, Health Law Watch 2019, will feature the top ten most important topics in health law providing health lawyers with succinct and urgent need-to-know-now information.

  • Stay current without sacrificing your own spare time.
  • Expertly written with a big picture view.
  • Single source to help you stay competitive and informed.
  • Written by members of the American Health Lawyers Association.

Check out the 2019 Table of Contents:

Issue 1 The Impact of Disruptors and Disruption in the Health Marketplace
Issue 2 Structuring and Operationalizing Value Based Payments: Legal Developments and Practical Tips
Issue 3 Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things in Health Care—Innovation Continues to Outpace Regulation
Issue 4 Drug Pricing
Issue 5 Fraud and Abuse—FCA Enforcement, New Laws and Regulatory Changes
Issue 6 Behavioral Health—A Growing Practice Area for Health Lawyers
Issue 7 The Opioid Crisis
Issue 8 Private Equity Investment in Health Care
Issue 9 Medicaid Developments
Issue 10 The 340B Drug Discount Program

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