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Uncomplicate the Complicated: Manage California Business Governance Disputes with Confidence


Any California business owner can tell you that running a business is a nonstop, 24-hour-a-day job: personnel decisions, marketing and advertising concerns, payroll, taxes, the competition. The list is endless. Matters get more complicated when internal disagreements erupt over the management, ownership and control of the business. Oftentimes in such situations, matters are resolved in the courtroom, not the boardroom, and for even the most experienced practitioner, winding your way through to a successful result can be a daunting task. But relax. You’re not alone.

Introducing Litigating and Judging Business Entity Governance Disputes in California—one of the latest additions to our expansive catalog at the LexisNexis® Store. This single-volume first edition provides relevant, up-to-date citations to statutes and court decisions, together with expert insights, helpful tips and creative solutions for arbitrators, attorneys and judges who handle business governance disputes in California. This practice guide walks practitioners through a variety of complex governance matters involving California corporations, LLCs, general and limited partnerships, limited liability partnerships and professional corporations. In addition, practitioners benefit from:

  • Background and history of the major California for-profit business entities
  • Objectives and tactics of business governance dispute resolution
  • Overview of the sources of California business governance law
  • Extensive treatment of the unique judicial dynamics of business governance disputes
  • Comprehensive guide on drafting and interpreting business governance dispute resolution clauses
  • Ethical considerations in advising businesses in conflict

Brought to by LexisNexis®—a worldwide leader in primary and secondary legal publications—and authored a collaboration of 11 experienced California-based attorneys, managers and mediators—this indispensable resource is your complete how-to guide for resolving business governance disputes in California.

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