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Welcome to the Content Insider community! Post, comment, interact.


Welcome! This section is for anyone interested in news, issues, trends, challenges, best practices or, well, anything related to legal eBooks, eLending technology, law libraries or legal content.

Anyone can post here and anyone can comment to those posts. The idea is to create a space of interactivity among a diverse group of people all interested in the changing area of legal publications and the management or use of them.

State an opinion. Post a story. Ask a question. 

Instructions for how to create a post or comment.

There are two steps to posting: 1) Join LexTalk (it’s free and easy to do), and 2) create and post your messages.

Joining LexTalk

You will only need to do this the first time you want to post something. After that, just use your user name and password to log in and you’ll be able to post after signing in.

  • Go to
  • Click on the “Register” icon at the top right of the page.
  • Type in a user name, your e-mail address and then create a password.
  • Input the security info on the right side of the page and click on the “Agree to the Terms of Service” box.
  • Click “Next.” Fill in your first and last name. Upload a picture if you want. Click “Next.”
  • Preview your profile. Click “Done” if satisfied.
  • On the final page, either enter info and click “Finish” or enter nothing and click “Skip.”
  • On the resulting page, click on “Browse Forms” in the array of options on the page.
  • Scroll to find LexisNexis Legal Content Insider and click on that.
  • You are now ready to post in the community section.

Creating A Post

  • Click the “Post” button at the top of the page.
  • On that page, select "Insider Community.”
  • You will now be able to fill in the various boxes on the page with info.
  • Create a headline, write the full text of what you want to talk about and add a URL if you want for people to click for more info or background on whatever you are posting about.
  • Enter tags in the box at the bottom to better identify the topic of your post.
  • If you want to see when people reply to your post, click the box at the lower right of the page indicating you want responses e-mailed to you directly.
  • If desired, you can preview what your post will look like by clicking on the “Preview” text .
  • Once done previewing, click “Compose” to go back to where you were working on your post.
  • When you’re ready to go live with your post, click the blue “Post” button at the bottom.
  • Your post should appear at the top of the user group community page.

If you want to respond to a post you see:

  • Simply type the text of your response in the box below the “Join the Conversation” text.
  • Fill in what you want to say and click on the blue “Share” button at the bottom.