Take the following steps to download and run the patch:


  1. Close any open applications.
  2. Click here
  3. Click Continue.
  4. Read the LexisNexis® Software License Agreement and click Agree to open the File Download window.
    Note: The file should begin downloading within a few seconds. If it does not, use the click here link to start the download.
  5. Click Save to open the Save As window.
    Note: Save the file to your D:\ drive on the Total Search Server.
  6. Rename TSUpdate.dat to TSUpdate.exe in the File Name field.
  7. Click Save.
  8. Click Open to start the Shepard's® Orange Signal patch installation.
    Note: The installation wizard automatically stops the Apache Tomcat application.
  9. Sign on to LexisNexis® at lexis.com.
  10. Click Get a Document from the Toolbar.
  11. Enter the case law citation 526 US 227 or 410 US 113 in the Get by Citation field to confirm that the patch was successful.
  12. Click Get to retrieve your citation search results.
    Note: If you do not see the orange signal, contact LexisNexis® Customer Support.