This package adds new features/modifications to the June 2011 version:

1. Replaced standard client ID feature with’s client ID feature supporting client ID validation

2. Added email feature for CourtLink Litigant Alert and Nature of Suit Alert web parts

3. Disabled links for Company, Law firm and Attorney on CourtLink Alert web parts

4. Added ability to disable the sign-out link for the web parts web parts can be added to your organization's SharePoint site, giving professionals easy access to the data they need. Searching, browsing and other functions can be handled directly from SharePoint. Web Parts that you can add to SharePoint:

  • Get & Print
  • Table of Contents View/Search
  • General Search
  • Shepard's TM
  • CourtLink Alerts
    • Litigant Alert
    • Nature of Suit Alert
  • CourtLink Track

To download the package click here.