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Fraud Detection and Prevention

Fraud Detection and Prevention

Safeguard your organization against new instances of fraud with LexisNexis® Fraud Detection and Prevention solutions.

Our solutions can help you reduce fraud risk by quickly and intelligently analyzing billions of records on businesses and individuals to uncover relevant information for better informed decision-making. In addition to extensive residential profiles, assets and derogatory histories, our solutions leverage the power of our proprietary algorithms and scoring capabilities to identify fraud patterns.

  1. Stopping Fraud Where it Starts: The Value of Analytics in the Onboarding Process

    LexisNexis is offering a complimentary White Paper that will:
    • Discuss best practices associated with addressing identity fraud
    • Introduce you to methods and tools to reduce fraud losses
    • Provide insight into this serious issue that is costly to the bottom line and wastes valuable resources
  2. The Effect of Identity Fraud at Loan Origination to Financial Services Organizations: Loss, Resources, Cost and Overall Impact

    Our white paper will show you:
    • What is the current state of fraud, particularly costs and incidence rates?
    • How have new account fraud rates been affected?
    • What is the process for new account onboarding through online channels?
    • Why are analytics so important in an onboarding process?
    • What security tools are currently available to financial institutions?

Combat identity fraud with sophisticated scoring and leading analytics
InstantID® Q&A
Authenticate customer identities in real-time
International Enhanced Due Diligence
Conduct enhanced due diligence quickly and effectively
LexisNexis® IVR On Demand
Authenticate customers with our Interactive Voice Response solution
LexisNexis® One Time Password
Authenticate a user with a one-time login transaction
LexisNexis® Voice Biometrics
Authenticate a user through voice biometrics
Multi-Factor Authentication
Authenticate a user through multiple factors
Red Flags Rule Report
Meet Red Flag rules while reducing identity fraud
Risk Management Solutions®
Manage risk with technology, information and advanced analytics
Recognize a true identity and fight fraud in real time
Verification of Occupancy
Identify areas of occupancy risk across the loan lifecycle

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