LexisNexis® eCrash

Simplify the management and distribution of accident/crash reports

For law enforcement agencies, fulfilling requests for accident/crash reports can be time-consuming and costly. Often, the process is largely manual and includes outdated record storage and retrieval practices, inefficient report delivery to state registrars and old technology that hinders efficiency. LexisNexis® eCrash is a free service to law enforcement agencies that offers an online accident/crash report management solution to help agencies automate their accident reporting process. Using leading-edge LexisNexis® eCrash technology, agencies can simplify and streamline their process to boost revenue, reduce costs and create a more citizen-friendly process.

  • Simplify report data entry, storage, access and distribution.
  • Save time and boost efficiency by eliminating manual handling.
  • Sustain and grow report revenue by conveniently collecting report fees online — agencies continue to receive their regular fees generated from each report.
  • Enhance service to the public, creating a more community member-centric process.
  • Minimize walk-in and mail report requests, allowing staff to focus on more important tasks.
  • Strengthen law enforcement investigations.
  • Support public safety.

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  • Electronically captures all report data
  • Equipment required to digitize accident reports is provided, if necessary.
  • Community members and authorized parties purchase their own reports online, on-demand 24/7.
  • Reports are electronically delivered to state registrars where available.
  • Using LexisNexis Command Center, law enforcement has free, easy access to reports, including those from other contributing agencies
  • Reporting capabilities offer “big picture” insight that can identify unsafe roads, dangerous intersections and areas needing better traffic signals.
  • Provides police officers with “Exchange of Information” cards to hand out at the scene of accidents, directing parties to the secure LexisNexis® eCrash website for copies of accident reports.

Get it now: for more information about LexisNexis® eCrash, please call 800.869.0751.



  1. LexisNexis® eCrash
    Simplifying the management and distribution of accident/crash reports for Law Enforcement

Get it now: for more information about LexisNexis® eCrash, please call 800.869.0751.

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