Receivables Management

Increase your right-party contacts and improve collection rates with LexisNexis® Contact and Locate solutions.

Billions of dollars in consumer loans are in delinquency at any given time, and credit issuers and debt collection services can expect to retrieve a fraction of the amount actually owed.

Our comprehensive, independent data sources—including more than four billion credible name, address and phone number records, as well as information on relatives and neighbors—allow you to leverage our advanced data-linking technology, LexID®, to locate hard-to-find debtors quickly and easily. Our powerful online tools help you quickly locate people, businesses and assets.

  1. Know Your Debtor:
    Making (Dollars and) Sense of Consumer Behavior in a Down Economy

    Written in conjunction with Kaulkin Ginsberg, this paper serves as a practical resource guide for the accounts receivable management (ARM) industry to better position organizations for future profitability and sustainability. Readers will be exposed to:
    • Working examples and data that examine various influences on consumer decision-making.
    • Future forecasts for the ARM industry based on shifting consumer attitudes, legislative responses to U.S. economic conditions and decisioning trends among credit grantors.A discussion of industry challenges and strategies for effective collection efforts in the current economic environment.
  2. Use of Wireless Phone in the Collections Process

    This paper provides businesses with a better understanding of appropriate situations in which they can attempt to collect to a debt via text message or cell phone call. In this paper, readers will learn about:
    • Two federal laws governing the use of wireless phones.
    • Specific examples of when an organization can and cannot use a wireless phone.
    • Issues to consider when using cell phones in collections.
    Recent legal cases around the use of wireless phones.

Account Monitoring
Receive automated alerts on key debtor information
Accurint® for Collections: Contact and Locate Workflow
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