Identity Verification & Authentication

Identity Verification & Authentication

LexisNexis® Identity Verification and Authentication solutions help you reduce risk, facilitate compliance and conduct business safely, securely and profitably. We provide the tools that allow you to better understand your customers, employees and vendors, giving you the peace of mind you need to conduct business safely, securely and profitably.

Our solutions make it easier for you to reliably verify that an identity exists and authenticate that individuals are who they claim to be with speed and accuracy, resulting in greater confidence and improved decision-making.

Instant Age Verify
Verify identities and ages
Instant Verify
Verify IDs and professional credentials instantly
LexisNexis® IVR On Demand
Authenticate customers with our Interactive Voice Response solution
LexisNexis® One Time Password
Authenticate a user with a one-time login transaction
LexisNexis® Voice Biometrics
Authenticate a user through voice biometrics
Multi-Factor Authentication
Authenticate a user through multiple factors
Risk Research
Manage fraud and risk with accuracy and speed
Recognize a true identity and fight fraud in real time
TrueID® Document Authentication Service
Hosted document authentication using existing hardware
TrueID® Mobile
Mobile document authentication using a phone or mobile device camera

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