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Say goodbye to toggling.
Draft, review & research all in one place.

Integrate your drafting & research

Access Lexis Advance® and its search functionality right within your document.

Convert PDFs

Turn PDFs into Word documents with just a couple of clicks. Check opposing counsel arguments in a matter of minutes.

Validate your work

Access the renowned Shepard’s ® Citations Service as you write and make sure your citation formats are correct too.

Create customizable Table of Authorities

What used to be a time-consuming task can be accomplished quickly and efficiently within seconds.

What’s in it for you?

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Lexis for Microsoft Office helps me critically analyze opposing briefs and motion papers, and formulate my own.

Simply put, Lexis for Microsoft Office levels the playing field for a small boutique litigation firm such as ours.

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No, we did not receive an Oscar®, but we’ve received some pretty prestigious awards recently. We proudly accept them on behalf of all the folks who made this solution possible. And that includes our customers, who provide us with invaluable insights that lead directly to product innovation. With so many people to thank, how about we just say this: “We are honored! These acknowledgments make us want to work just that much harder to wow our users!”

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Lexis for Microsoft Office Guides

Below you will find a variety of guides designed to tell you all about our exclusive tools, and help acclimate you to the new ribbon.

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Rest easy knowing we provide free and unlimited 24/7 support and research guidance. You don’t want a snag or question to hold you up and neither do our Lexis® for Microsoft Office® customer support professionals.

If you have any problems, have questions or would like to contribute feedback, please contact our LexisNexis® Customer Support team directly at: 888-539-4770.

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