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26 June 2015 Release

Apply the AssigneeName segment search to the Assignees/Applicants restriction drop-down menu

  • The search processed for this Restriction in the Advanced, Guided, Semantic and Edit Search forms will be changed to search a broader, more encompassing segment, ASSIGNEE-NAME.
  • To review the searches behind each segment:
    • ASSIGNEENAME searches on original, standardized, normalized and current assignee from the biblio section. It also searches on these assignees in the post-issuance data.
    • ASSIGNEE() will search for the original assignee (at–issue assignees). It will include in the search, the standardized and normalized formats of the name.

Retrieve Selected option to Main and Extended Family as available for INPADOC

  • The ability to retrieve or download selected publications within the INPADOC family will be added to Main and Extended Families to provide the same feature in all three families:

Ability to deliver the Family view as a Table /Spreadsheet

  • You will be able to download XLSX(Excel) and CSV format of the Extended, INPADOC and Main Family Views.
  • The options appear in the Create Family Report dialog.

  • The spreadsheet download consists of all of the information found in the List View of the Family Reports in the order of the columns that appear online.
  • If you search within the Workfolders you will be able to view the search terms in the list view (Show Hits).

  • You will be able to turn off or on hits display in the List view.
  • The initial setting for Show Hits is set to OFF.
  • If you change the Show Hits option, it will persist until you change it or another search is run.
  • If you search within the Workfolders you will be able to view the search terms in a KWIC view in the Full Document.

  • KWIC and Show Hits will also apply to Custom Highlighting (keyboard is the custom highlight term):

  • Same features that you find in INPADOC apply here (choose to either download or send to a workfolder):

Option to select/change order of columns in spreadsheet

  • This feature applies to Spreadsheet download XLSX and CSV delivery.
    • Does not apply to the XML delivery
    • Does not apply to Email Spreadsheet delivery.

  • If you have not selected anything the Field Order window will be blank.
  • If you click on Select All, the fields will be sorted in the order of the columns from left to right (alphabetically). See Figure above.
  • If you have already selected items prior to the release, the fields will be sorted in the order of the columns from left to right (alphabetically).
  • As you select items, the item will be placed at the bottom of the list.
  • You will be able to move a single field position from the top, in between, or the bottom of the selected fields.
  • Re-positioned sort order will persist until you change it.
  • If you remove a field, the item will be removed from the Field order.

Add Show Term Hits and KWIC to Work Folders

2 May 2015 Release

Filtering Type Additions

New Filter Types:

  • Application Date – (will behave similarly to Publication Date/Year)
  • Priority Date – (will behave similarly to Publication Date/Year)
  • JP FI Class –similar functionality to other class filters
  • JP F Terms –similar functionality to other class filters

Filter Panel categories:

Select Filters Form:

IPC Filter now includes both main and further IPC classifications

  • Note: Counts reflect the number of times IPC classification is present, so if it appears in main and further it will be counted multiple times.

Support for Multi-Factor Authentication

TotalPatent is adding support for Multi-Factor Authentication. When you choose to edit your security email address, you will be re-directed to the LN Authentication Service to set up the email address and multi-factor authentication for you to access to public records data.

20 Mar 2015 Release

Patent Family Tree: Graphic View of the Main Patent Family

  • A patent family is a set of either patent applications or publications taken in multiple countries to protect a single invention by common inventor(s) in more than one country. A first application is made in one country – the priority – and is then extended to other filings made in other offices.
  • You can now visualize a Main patent family graphically in order to see relationships between the patent and its related documents (A Main family comprises all records with an exact match to all the priority numbers). For example, GB2459956B is a family member to US12119960, a priority application filed on May 13, 2008. (See Figure 1)

    Figure 1

  • The graphic view will include all application numbers found in the family view.
  • The graphic view is arranged by the first priority application at the top (e.g. US12119960), followed by application numbers from each authority in alphabetical order (CN, GB, IN, JP, MX, WO) (Y-axis).
  • The X-axis contains a timeline from the start filing year through the current year. In Figure 1, the first application with the earliest priority date is May 13, 2008.
    • Arrows point from the application number with the original priority date to subsequent applications (family members). (In Figure 1, from US12119960 to the family members)
    • Includes a visual cue of the publication from which user launched the tree.

      See Figure 1- GB2459956B)

    • The diamonds also represent publication stages and contain the kind codes of each publication. To see the full number, click on the diamond or hover mouse on the timeline to see the hover tip containing the full number of the publications. To see more detail, user can click on the diamond to see the following details:
      • Publication Number
      • Publication Date
      • Application Number
      • Filing Date
      • Priority Number
      • Prioirty Date
      • Link to the INPADOC legal Status ( under the legal view)

    • A color timeline is used when the patent is still in an application phase (yellow) or granted phase (green).
    • A legend is provided at the top right hand of the view.
    • A record missing a priority date/number is an indicator that it is the priority application/publiction (US20090284467A1). On the graphical view, note that there isn't an arrow drawn to it.
    • You can click on Print view to create a printable view of the graph ( subject to browser's print capabilities).
    • You can click on Save view to save the printable view of the graph in PDF format.
  • If the Main family view is missing a priority filing application/publication, TotalPatent will look to the Extended family to retrieve it. (Note the JP Applications that are in the Extended Family, to view them in the list, click on the Extended link.)

  • If it is not a published document (cannot be found in either the Main or Extended Family), the graphic view will note it as a P in a circle to indicate it is a priority number from the family data but is not included in the list as a published document. The sort order of these application numbers are by the earliest priority date.

  • If the application or filing date is missing, the timeline will be missing for the application but the publications will still be listed in their corresponding date:

Search Enhancements: Normalized Inventor Search to harmonize

  • When you look up an inventor's name and add it to the search form, quotations will no longer be added to the name. (Figure 2)

    Figure 2

  • From the Inventor look-up, the system will run a normalized search and return results with the search query displayed. You can edit the normalized search by clicking on Edit search. Note in Figure 3, that the search will now pick up references “FN LN” or “LN FN”

  • If you manually enter a segment search (INVENTOR, or IN), normalization shall be triggered as long as you enter the name without quotes or Boolean connectors.
    • if you manually enter punctuation marks, they will be honored by the search.

Filtering Improvements

  • You can immediately filter on an individual filter from the filter panel.

  • You now have the option to change to “OR” or “AND” within a filter type (default is now set to OR among filter values within a filter type). In the example below, the filter will bring back documents that either have "Redwood Systems" or "Apple" as an assignee.
    • Note: TP will connect filter types with an AND, so for example, selections from the INVENTOR type will be ANDed to selections within the CPC filter type

  • Filter form reflects the applied filters in the results and a way to add to the currently applied filters. To reset the answer set, use the Clear All in the filter panel. For example, after filtering to the the above, you can either click on Clear all in the panel (current behavior) or add more filters in the filter form.

Authority Field Picker

  • Authority is a new field on the Spreadsheet format field picker (applies to .CSV and SLXS)

  • Authority (2 digit country code) will appear as the first column to allow for further filtering and sorting within the spreadsheet.

Delete Recent Searches:

  • A new delete function for recent searches to allow you to clear out one or more searches from Recent Searches (select the search and then click Delete):

21 Mar 2014 Release

Expanded XML Delivery Options:

  • The options to export up to 20,000 records to Intellixir® and VantagePoint have been added to the existing options

  • You can include more fields when exporting data with the addition of Clipped Image and Description.

  • You are now able to zip records into a single or multiple files.

Improved custom highlighting tool:

  • The icon has moved and is included with the group of icons:

  • Custom highlighting opens in a new window and allows you to enable and disable feature on demand as well as offering 20 color choices, including pastel options

  • Supports numbers, dates and classification as well as text

13 Dec 2013 Release

  • Customized highlighting allows you to highlight additional terms in results, work folders and documents that are not a part of your search strategy.

      customized highlighting

      customized highlighting options

  • Patent family deduping and sorting option has been added for the Results List and Work Folders using the Extended as well as Main patent family.

      Patent family deduping and sorting

      Patent family deduping and sorting options

  • Assignee look-up tool lets you sort alphabetically as well as by ascending or descending number of hits.
  • Direct links from TotalPatent to 22 additional online patent registers, gazettes or journals for the most up-to-date status of records: AU, BE, CA, CH, DE, ES, FI, FR, GB, HK, IE, IL, IT, IS, JP, KR, LT, MD, NL, NZ, RU and WO.

5 Oct 2013 Release

  • Enhanced Normalized Assignee Look-up Tool
    • Publications in TotalPatent® can have three searchable Assignee name values: the original name, a Standardized name, and a Normalized name. A look-up tool allows user to search for normalized, standardized or original forms of the Assignee at issue. Assignee name normalization and standardization is being applied across the entire database collection over the course of the coming weeks.
    • new searchable Assignee name values

  • TotalPatent: Independent and First Claims
    • New searchable fields allow you to search on Independent Claim or First Claim.
    • Display Claims view contains ability to display first or independent claims only.
    • new searchable Fields

    • You also have download options for spreadsheet delivery.
    • Indexing of the first claim is being applied across the entire database collection over the coming weeks.
    • Indexing of the independent claims is being applied across the US, EP, DE, and KR collections over the course of the coming weeks.
    • new download Options

23 Aug 2013 Release

  • New Content
    • Full text of Taiwan patent data, including English machine translation, and additional bibliographic data.
      • Full Text for Granted Patents from 1993 forward
      • Full Text for Applications from 2003 forward
      • Further Bibliographic Data from 1950 forward
      • Added PDFs for Front Files (2013)
    • Advanced Search

    • Additional India patent data, including full text and bibliographic, from 1912 – 1975 as well as additional PDFs for documents published after 1975.
    • Expanded WIPO English machine translations of non-Latin (Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Russian) full-text collections 1978 – 2013.
  • Enhanced and new features
    • When the Assignee field in a U.S. application is blank, TotalPatent will automatically populate it with Assignee name from granted U.S. patent which will improve searching, display, delivery and analytics.
    • A new Preference setting gives the option of accessing full TotalPatent functionality from specific reports/exports for subscribers and original PDF only for non-subscribers.

      new Preference setting

      • Hyperlinked publication numbers have been added to the following reports and related export formats:
        • Results List: PDF, RTF, HTML, Microsoft® Word
        • Spreadsheet: CSV, XLSX, TSV
        • Custom Selections: PDF, RTF, HTML, Microsoft® Word
        • Family Report: HTML, PDF, RTF, Microsoft® Word
    • One-click retrieval of PDF from relevant access points:
      • A hyperlinked Adobe® icon has been added to all Results List and Work Folder displays, including Standard, Preview and Side-by-Side views.
      • A hyperlinked Adobe icon has also been added to:
        • INPADOC, Main and Extended Family Views
        • Cited and Citing References in Full View
        • U.S.-Related Documents in Full View

      US Related Documents

17 May 2013 Release

  • Enhanced spreadsheet delivery
    • A new option in the Results list that will allow you to select fields for export directly to Microsoft® Excel®
    • You can choose to include clipped images in your export
    • The number of records you can export into a spreadsheet has increased drastically, from 200 to 3,000
    • The format and fields you last used will persist and auto-populate the next time you use the feature.
    • Download documents screenshot

  • Publication Number exports directly to PatentOptimizer
    • An easier and faster way to export pub numbers from your TotalPatent Results and Work Folders into PatentOptimizer™ for further analysis.
    • PatentOptimizer screenshot

      PatentOptimizer Analytics will automatically open and populate the patent numbers.

      Patent Optimizer Analytics screenshot

      PatentOptimizer screenshot

      NOTE: PatentOptimizer will only process WO and U.S. patents. TotalPatent will not filter out other authorities if they are selected as part of the download and PatentOptimizer will ignore them.

  • Enhanced coverage information
    • Coverage information is updated daily and includes Bibliographic, Abstract, Full Text, Machine Translations, PDFs and Images.
  • Integrated on-demand e-learning library
    • Links to training and tutorials throughout TotalPatent
    • Materials include videos, quick references, and user manuals
    • Hypertext links to individual tutorials and documentation

21 Dec 2012 Release

TotalPatent is compliant with the new CPC system. The CPC (Cooperative Patent Classification), a joint effort of the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) and the European Patent Office (EPO), will go into effect January 1, 2013.

Per the CPC News Oct. 2012 newsletter, ECLA classifications will be immediately migrated to the new system as of January 2013.  USPC will migrate more gradually with scheduled completion as of January 2015. 

When that change is made, you may need to change any alerts and saved searches based on ECLA class to accommodate the new CPC system. If you need assistance, please contact us by sending an email note to A member of our team will contact you within 2 - 3 business days. If you prefer a phone call to email, simply provide your phone number and let us know your preference.

To learn more about the CPC, visit

To see Director David Kappos’ explanation of why the USPTO is moving to the CPC, visit

  • CPC Compliance
    • TotalPatent is compliant with the new Cooperative Patent Classification system beginning 1 January 2013.
    • You will see a new field on the Guided Search form
    • Guided Search screenshot

    • CPC appears as a new option in the Restrictions drop down list on the Advanced and Semantic Search forms
    • Advanced and Semantic Search forms screenshot

  • Images in Excel
    • Export up to 5,000 records from Work Folders including the front page image to .xlsx format
    • Family removal of duplicates screenshot

  • Improved coverage of IN full text data
    • An additional 260,000 full text, PDFs and clipped images of Applications for 1995-2012
    • An additional 50,000 full text and PDFs of Granted patents for 1995-2012
  • Improved coverage of KR full text machine translations
    • Applications 1983-present
    • Granted patents and Utility Models 1979-present

17 Nov 2012 Release

  • Enhanced print support for Alerts
    • You can print all alerts from Alert History
  • Remove Family Duplicates
    • This feature now behaves consistently across both Results and Work Folders – i.e., when deciding which of the duplicate patents to keep, TotalPatent® gives priority to the authorities that you have ranked highest in your Preferences for documents in work folders (or through Check Settings on the Advanced Search form for Results).
    • Family removal of duplicates screenshot

  • Independent Claims for EP, DE and KR in CSV
    • These 3 authorities can be downloaded in .csv format from Work Folders
    • In language of publication only

6 Oct 2012 Release

  • New export option for independent claims in U.S. Granted patents
    • Export U.S. Grants 1976 – current in .CSV format
  • Link directly to European Patents Register
    • There is a direct link between EP records and the EP Register so you can easily check status
  • Work Folders and Subfolders
    • Enhanced performance for displaying and searching Work Folders and subfolders
  • Alert Enhancements
    • Alerts now display up to 30 days of results
    • Improved UI design
    • The View link goes to the Results List View rather than delivering a zipped file attachment.

1 Jul 2012 Release

  • Search within a Work Folder
    • Search within a folder, like using the “Narrow” feature
    • Supports all search segments, logical and proximity operators, commands, truncation, etc.
  • Create subfolders
    • Export up to 20,000 records from main Work Folder to subfolder
    • No limit on number of subfolders created
    • Sort, Field Selection, De-Dupe, Report, Export, Analyze, etc., functionality supported
    • Search within a subfolder
  • Download claims from a Work Folder to .CSV
    • Export full or truncated claims (maximum 20,000 records) from a Work Folder into a .CSV file
    • Export Independent Claims from U.S. applications, from 2001 forward, into a .CSV
    • Option to truncate Independent and All Claims to first 32,000 characters
  • Updated and more informative coverage information
    • More details of bibliographic, full-text, machine-translation coverage
    • More details of images and PDF coverage
  • New direct TotalPatent customer support # for N. America
    • U.S., Canada and Mexico: 877.412.3987

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