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LexisNexis Total Search

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LexisNexis® Total Search

Uncover on-point internal work product as easily as you search LexisNexis


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“We’ve always kept our firm ahead of the fast-paced technology curve in order to provide our clients with the best, most cost efficient service possible. LexisNexis Total Search helps us deliver the type of service our clients have come to expect.”

Gary A. Poliakoff, President, Becker & Poliakoff, P.A.

LexisNexis Total Search is an integrated search service that applies the precision of LexisNexis searching capabilities and the exclusive authority of Shepard’s® to the collective expertise that is often buried deep within internal document collections.

One search finds existing internal pleadings, depositions, memos, deal documents and motions together with cases and codes, news and business sources, and analytical content all through the familiar lexis.com® user interface.

With LexisNexis Total Search, you can...

  • Locate previously unavailable internal firm work product with surprising speed using familiar LexisNexis search and retrieval tools.
  • Focus in on all relevant prior work product needed to complete a research or drafting assignment. Researchers are assured a complete view of the firm’s prior expertise and the ability to reuse or modify it for the task at hand.
  • Verify with authority that pre-existing work product still represents good law with real-time Shepard’s Signal links to the full Shepard’s report embedded in the firm’s internal documents.
  • "Supercharge" your internal documents with links that let you move quickly between internal and external documents.
  • Conserve time spent on training because Total Search is available through the familiar and easy-to-use LexisNexis services. There is virtually no learning curve.

One search does it all.

Researching using LexisNexis Total Search is essentially the same as searching at www.lexis.com. The difference is now a researcher can precisely, securely and confidently access their firms’ internal work product when searching any LexisNexis database or file. Or, researchers can choose to only search their internal documents using the advanced searching capabilities of LexisNexis Total Search.

With the combination of your internal content and the broad perspective available only from the LexisNexis services, you can be assured you have the comprehensive and authoritative content you need to succeed.

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