InterAction Contact Suppression (11/18/2019-11/18/2019)

2:30pm EST- 4:00pm EST
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Compliance with marketing regulations requires two things. First, an interpretation of the laws and how your firm intends to comply with them. Second, defined business processes that ensure your firm can comply, and remain compliant.
There are many regulations out there governing how you can and cannot communicate with your contacts. CANSPAM, CASL, GDPR among others….they all require a legal interpretation by your firm in terms of how you will comply, and what processes best suit your firm to remain compliant. Regardless, InterAction wants to provide you with a tool that can supplement your interpretation called Contact Suppression. 
Contact suppression is a tool in which will encrypt contact data for contacts who have asked to be forgotten or should be removed from your database for regulation compliance. With many features including the ability to require fields and an ability to reinstate contacts, Contact Suppression will help you maintain compliance with your interpretations of these regulations. It will not only let you forcibly suppress contacts, but will continue to compare your suppressed contacts to any new contacts that come into the system and remove them appropriately.
Class Format
This class is a 90-minute, hands-on class with a live instructor. Attendees will connect to a WebEx session, a virtual training machine and dial into a conference line. In addition to working hands-on with the InterAction Suppression tool, attendees will participate in discussions around a firm’s readiness and data risk gaps, as well as identify possible processes and tools to mitigate that risk.
Class Agenda
1.Configuring InterAction Contact Suppression
2.Complying with Regulations: Options on Identifying Suppression Candidates, Notifying Users and   Suppression
3.Maintaining Compliance: Reversing Suppression and Options for Tracking
Course Objectives
• Become familiar with the Contact Suppression feature and underlying configuration options
• Recognize InterAction options for identifying and marking suppression candidates
• Understand your options around Notifying End Users about contact suppression
• Learn how to suppress contacts
• Learn how to reinstate contacts
• Consider why and how your firm will comply with regulations and identify data risk gaps
Course Outline
Configuring InterAction Contact Suppression
• Accessing Suppression tool
• Setting required fields
• Notification Configuration
• Suppression Permissions
Regulation Compliance
•Considerations on identification options
•User Notification options
•Suppressing contacts
Maintaining Compliance
• Reinstatement business process
• Tactical options for reinstatement
• Documentation considerations
• Data Stewards/Marketing Professionals/Business Development Professionals/Administrators
• InterAction users who will suppress or reinstate contacts
• InterAction CRM team members who will assist in either contact suppression or need to implement the firm’s definition of regulation compliance regarding contact data.
Prerequisites: None