InterAction for Application Administrators (02/14/2017-02/16/2017)

9:00am CST- 4:00pm CST
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This instructor led, two-day classroom offering is designed for InterAction Administrators who utilize InterAction to support account maintenance, environment configuration, and gives users additional strategies for improving database efficiency. This course will effectively prepare your InterAction Administrators to manage your database. Registration in this 301 Professional course also includes free registration for the InterAction Administrator Certification exam.
The InterAction Administrator Certification exam provide a comprehensive analysis of a student’s understanding of InterAction concepts, strategic processes and tactical knowledge. These exams are proctored in two, 2-hour segments. Students will be provided part one as a multiple-choice exam and part two as a scenario-based long answer portion. Upon successful completion of this exam, you will receive your InterAction certification certificate from InterAction Training
Targeted Role:
IT or Marketing Admins who will be creating and disabling User Accounts and User Groups, running InterAction maintenance processes, and managing configuration of various aspects in the database.
Courses included in offering:
·       Fundamental Concepts
·       Administrator Client Essentials for Managing User Accounts and User Groups
·       Administrator Client Essentials for Configuring Your Environment
·       Exploring Configuration Strategies in the Administrator Client
·       InterAction Administrator Certification ($250 value, free with registration)
After Class Resources & Periodic IA Training Communications:
·       2-hours Buy-A-Trainer session to be used within 12 months ($1000 value)
·       10% discount on additional Buy-A-Trainer sessions
·       InterAction Training Quarterly: The latest news from IA Training!
·       Notifications to free webinars, blogs and tutorials at LexisNexis University
·       InterAction environment updates on InterAction Support website
·       Continued learning opportunities
Course Objectives:
Day 1: InterAction Fundamentals & Administrator Client Essentials for Managing User Accounts and User Groups
·       InterAction Fundamentals begins the course with an introduction to the fundamental concepts needed before you start the InterAction Essentials series.
·       The Essentials User Accounts and User Groups session is a comprehensive, hands-on overview of creating, maintaining and disabling user access in your database. This section emphasizes best practices in InterAction, and provides students with the opportunity to navigate an InterAction environment and demonstrate the tasks they will be managing.
Session Outline:
·       Fundamental Concepts
·       InterAction Architecture
·       Demonstration of InterAction for Microsoft Outlook (IMO)
·       Demonstration of the InterAction Web Client
·       Creating and managing user accounts
·       Creating and managing user groups
·       Setting Group Permissions and Rights
·       Procedure when employee leaves the organization
Day 2: Administrator Client Essentials for Maintaining InterAction Configurations & Exploring Configuration Strategies in the Administrator Client
·       The Essentials Maintaining InterAction Configurations session is a comprehensive, hands-on overview of InterAction settings built to maximize the performance of the database. This lesson highlights features that aid in folder contact organization, contact sync process, and monitoring your environment for areas of improvement.
·       Moving beyond essential maintenance, Exploring Configuration Strategies provides students with an array of options for environment set-up. Thinking through processes and internal procedures, this section is designed to think beyond your initial installation, and configure your environment to suit your firm’s needs.
Session Outline:
·       Administering Folder Classes and Folder Types
·       Configuring Folder Dependency Analyzer (FDA)
·       Setting up PIM synchronization
·       Configuring the Application Server
·       Configure settings to maximize system performance
·       Locate and run the recommended database maintenance scripts
·       Access and view InterAction logs
·       New Contact Rule Strategies
·       Configuring Smart Connect
·       Strategic Configurations
·       Creating Web Client Profiles and Search Forms

    This class was just great! Thank you.

    Overall this course is very well done and has lots of great information.

    The instructor was very good and more then willing to address any and all questions!

    The Trainer was great and made the material very easy to understand. She took the time to answer all of our questions and I left feeling confident I could adminster all the tasks we need to do.

    As a systems Analyst I found the content of this class very useful.

    Gives good insight on how IA is maintained and kept running on the backend.

    I think this is a good course for system administrators as well as marketing and data steward users who will be handling some of the administrator functions of the system.

    This course fit my needs perfectly. Great intro to the foundations of the system & we got into some of the nitty gritty details by the last day. I'd recommend this session.

    Instructor was very knowledgeable and adaptable to students questions and concerns.

    Was one of the best instructors I have ever had.

    The trainer was amazing at keeping the material moving at an appropriate pace.

    The trainer was a fantastic instructor that is very knowledgeable. My training with her was exactly what I needed.

    This class was perfect. Because I learn more by having access to the software immediately after training, I think that it will take a little time to get used to it, but it does seem far more intuitive than other products I have seen.