Piercing the Corporate Veil: Prevention & Litigation

  • Class: Piercing the Corporate Veil: Prevention & Litigation
  • Run Time: 67 Minutes
  • Catalog: General
  • Presenter(s): Benjamin C. Knuth
  • Class Type: OnDemand Training
  • Content Provider: LexisNexis


While perhaps the primary benefit of the corporate form is to shield shareholders from personal liability for the actions or inactions of the company, the courts have developed the equitable remedy of “veil piercing” to ensure that justice is done when the facts so require. There are various articulations of the principle, and jurisdictions have differing levels of interest in allowing veil piercing claims. As such, it is critical for both transactional attorneys and litigators to have a deep understanding of: 1) the law on veil piercing in key jurisdictions; and 2) best practices to help clients avoid the risk of a successful veil-piercing claim, or alternatively, facts that may be used by litigators to support a veil-piercing claim. This seminar will provide an overview of the current law regarding veil-piercing in key jurisdictions, including New York, New Jersey and Delaware, summarize key facts/circumstances that may give rise to a veil-piercing claim, and ensure that all attendees are equipped with the skills they need to learn more via research resources at their disposal.

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    This CLE accredited course is designed to provide a conceptual overview of the “corporate veil” and related public policy considerations. Our presenter will summarize the various articulations for recovery under this remedy, variations on the theme and will demonstrate how you can employ resources at your disposal to evaluate the relevant law and facts in practice.